Twitter ?

6 Aug

You have a twitter account ?
So do I, let’s connect! @chaseitorbchase



Never enough plugs !

20 Jan

Never enought plugs while travelling ? Me too, my rating of a hotel starts with the number of plugs I find in my  room. Now with the Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB charger, I will smoother my rating with a new criteria, “how close is the plug to my bed?”. Usually, I need to plug my iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Blackberry desk charger and my Up. This great device gives  you: 3 power outlets and 2 USB slots,on one plug, all 5 of them protected against power surge. The price is sweet: 24,95$. Extra mention for the rotating plug !

Available at the Apple Store


Check out my tennis workout today

11 Dec

The Up from Jawbone got a “workout mode” that analyses you workout and split it in vigorous, moderate and light.
To summarize, I played tennis for 1 hour and 57 minutes, burned 203,8calories, run for 4,65km (6066 steps).
The exercise was vigorous during 34 minutes, moderate during 11 minutes and light for 71 minutes …


I was active yesterday

3 Dec

20111203-011637 PM.jpg

So says my Up from Jawbone. We went to Disneyland paris and walked like crazy. We did lots of rollercoasters, don’t know how the bracelet interpreted it but at the end o the day. I walked 5,01 km the equivalent of 11.318 steps burning 645 calories ! Thanks Mickey


My Up said i slept well tonight

29 Nov

20111129-083225 AM.jpg

Here’s the pattern of my sleep. See the difference between deep, light and awaken period #IHeartUP #Jawbone

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