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Shake your body!

12 Aug

Photo 01-08-13 10 09 11For a long time now I’ve been looking for the perfect fitness app.
I started with Fitness Class (great fitness portal where, for a monthly flat fee of $9,99, you can access all the fitness videos Photo 1-08-13 10 49 16 AMavailable and start working the muscles you want to target).
You need to be connected to the Internet to enjoy the courses (or download the exercises), the length of the session is variable from 8 to 60 minutes, with or without equipment. As sometimes I was not connected and forgot to download exercises, I was disappointed and …

Photo 1-08-13 11 04 54 AMthen I switched to “abs” which featured a 2D athlete working out his abs with you. There are 3 levels available (level1 is free, then you have to pay to unlock level 2 ($1,99) and level 3 ($1,99)).
Lesson 1 lasts 8 minutes, lesson 2 and 3 are customized in term of how many times you can repeat an exercise. Also you can interchange the exercises inside your work session. It’s a good app but … I could only work on my abs …
then I tried the Nike Fitness Club (free), but I didn’t the like the videos (shows you how but it doestn’t do it with you!), so I erased it …
I was still missing fully customized work sessions to my needs …

then I was introduced to iMuscle2, $2,99.
Photo 01-08-13 10 09 53My friends used it to show me where he was injured zooming in on a 3D human body. And it was a waouw moment! Really impressive.
Basically touch the muscle you want to work, and a selection of more than 600 exercises available are proposed (you can even filter the exercices with or without equipment).
When you launch iMuscle2, the app will customize your experience and asks for your age, sex, weight and height. It will then calculate your BMI and body fat! I like it!

Photo 01-08-13 10 09 53 Photo 01-08-13 10 10 34 Photo 01-08-13 10 11 13
Photo 01-08-13 10 11 17 Photo 01-08-13 10 11 23 Photo 01-08-13 10 11 28

So now, let’s build our workout sessions, 3 scenarios are possible
1. Choose the muscles you want to exercise and start building your session while playing with the 3D human body by touching the muscles you want to target and add the selected exercises to your very own session.

2. Go to the exercises sessions.
Then choose which type of session (body weight, cardio, flexibility, …), which area you want to work on and with which equipment you want to work out, the app will then propose a filtered selection of exercises. Handy!

3. If you prefer, already made sessions are ready to be used. Of course, you can edit/add/delete exercises!

The last rubric “Progress &Stats” will follow your progress.

You can go deeper in the tracking of your improvements when you edit your measurements from neck to ankle and follow your progress.

This is definitively the most accurate, and yet-fun app to use. Special mention to the scalpel tool to add/remove layers and discover what you are made of. It’s also educational because you will easily learn the names of each muscle.

I asked to Rodney Marshall (USTA strength and conditioning specialist, @RocketRM) to prepare us some sweet workout sessions to get in shape using iMuscle2.

Rocket 101 is for you if you have a desk job and are ready to spend 15 minutes of your day exercising to feel better.

With this session, zero excuse, no equipment no problem and you can exercise anywhere especially while traveling! Don’t forget to stretch during 10-15 minutes after workout.
Bodyweight circuit, duration 15-20 minutes each exercise (2-3 sets of 30 seconds for each exercise), 1-2 minute rest only after completing full set of circuit).
This workout has toning component to develop muscles like Rocket and also cardio elements to keep heart strong.
. Push-ups- upper body strength
. Plank- core
. Crunches-core
. Jumping jacks– cardio, plyometrics
. Hip Bridges- glute stability, lower body
. Mountain climbers

Photo 3-08-13 10 25 23 AM Photo 3-08-13 10 25 35 AM Photo 3-08-13 10 25 39 AM
Photo 3-08-13 10 25 42 AM and Jumping Jacks

Rocket102, If you want to shape your body and loose your beer belly and buttocks to feel good on the beach ?
. Plank
. Mountain climbers
. Crunches to target the core

Photo 5-08-13 8 33 08 PM Photo 5-08-13 8 33 10 PM Photo 5-08-13 8 33 16 PM

Don’t forget, after workout always perform 5-10 minutes of static stretching to keep muscles flexible.

Now, let’s do it, no more excuses and at the same time you’ll learn the names of your muscles!

Special thanks to Helen from 3D4Medical for her help, @rocketRM for his support and help building the work sessions.

Visit http://www.3d4medical.com and like their Facebook page

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