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Airport Express

10 Mar

First of all, I LOVE Apple stuff.
I need to talk to you about THE device I always take with me when I travel: the Airport Xpress.
It’s a device that you plug on the power outlet and link to an ethernet cable, a printer, an hi-fi.
But all that is standard use, you are not here for standard but to push the boundaries a little bit further.

I use my Airport Xpress when I travel and stay in hotels.
When you hook up to the hotel wifi, you are on your own: one device, one daily subcription ! I have one iPad, one iPhone and one MacBook Pro to connect … And I don’t want to pay for 3 daily wifi subscriptions ! TOO EXPENSIVE !!

So what I do is the following:
I connect my Airport Xpress to the ethernet cable you found in every hotel room.
Then I switch on my iPad/iPhone or computer, on my internet browser. The hotel subscription page opens, I sign in (and pay once) and the wifi is opened for all my wifi devices !!! With one subscription and an Airport Xpress, you surf wirelessly with all your devices (up to 10).

It works everywhere, with Mac and PC. You can also protect your network with a password.
It costs 99$, a daily subscription at the hotel 17$ … Do the math …

PS: You’ll need to configure once the Airport Xpress on a computer to have it working properly. Hower from an iPad … worth investigating!

Personal wifi connexion even in the middle of the desert !

11 Feb

I was facing a situation and no solution … How to be connected with a wifi iPad to internet when you don’t have wifi access ? Beg to use someone’s computer ? Go back home ? Chase a StarBucks ? Wrong answers ! Solutions are out there, check it out !
It’s called “Hotspot 3G+” from SFR in France or “Pocket Wifi” from Vodafone in Australia or the “Rocket Mobile Hotspot” from Rogers in Canada or “Sonic Mobile 4G” from T-Mobile in the US.

What is it ? A portable device that give you 3G+ access through a wifi connection to your i-device.

How does it work ?
The 3G device includes a 3G+ chip and needs a data plan with your telecom operator.
Then you just need to connect it once to a computer to enter the pin of you 3G+ simcard and get connected, a 5 minutes operation with no sweat.
Don’t forget to write down the WEP number to add devices because the beauty of it is that you can use it with up to 5 connected wifi devices at the same time (it will slow down your connection but it’s workable).

ChaseIt or BChased ?
ChaseIt because

  • It will cut down your phone bill while abroad (because you are not using you iPhone dataplan).
  • The hotspot is light.
  • Its charger is the same as a Blackbery Bold.
  • It works also a a great mirror to spot spinaches between your teeth !

So study the offers and get a great dataplan and you will be all set to surf when you don’t have a free wifi access !
Happy surfing 😉

PS: special thanks to @ChaseItDwnUnda for showing me her Pocket Wifi

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