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It’s a small drop …

21 Mar

It’s not just a drop it’s a Droplet but it’s also a carrier for a wet bag.
The Droplet is so small, I have it on me all the time.

When in “rest mode,”, the wet bag is comfortably hosted in its plastic Droplet.

Now, let’s use it and abuse it and let’s unwrap the little beast.

I use it when I travel and I want to be sure that my creams, gels, liquids are separated from my clothes in the luggages … You never know.

It’s also great when I go to the beach and safely secures iPhone, my Up3, and some cash.

I would have liked it to be a little bigger but I must admit that it’s a perfect size.

When it comes trickier is when I have to fold it back and place it in its “Droplet“, I guess that with some exercises I’ll master the art of folding .

More infos:


  • It’s  a cute keyring or you hangs to your backpack.
  • For sure, the Droplet does nothing a ziplock couldn’t do but it’s more stylish … and style is everything …


12 Aug

NÜÜD by Lifeproof, for iPhone 6It was raining cats and dogs in Montreal, and with my little green case from apple to protect my iPhone 6, I felt miserable.

So, I took my courage and umbrella to visit to the Telus shop for a Canadian sim card (I don’t like to roam) and a cover.

NÜÜD by Lifeproof, for iPhone 6I decided to go for the NÜÜD, the new model from Lifeproof.

What’s different from the cover I had for my iPhone 5s?

The spectacular stunt is that there’s no more plastic screen coming on top of your iPhone screen, the protection is screenless and it’s still waterproof (and your phone can stay up to 2 hours in the water)! NÜÜD by Lifeproof, for iPhone 6

Meaning that your screen is in direct contact with the water. Scary!
But don’t be scared, Lifeproof put joints all around the screen that will keep the water outside your phone … I tested it and it works perfectly … I’m relieved.

NÜÜD by Lifeproof, for iPhone 6 NÜÜD by Lifeproof, for iPhone 6


  • The NÜÜD comes with a jack extension to keep your phone dry even when having the headphones connected
  • Ditch your non-Apple cables to charge your phone as it will not fit with the case
  • Also in the box, the screen protection
  • the price is a bit high, $80,99 but is worth it

More info on the NÜÜD

Write in the rain ?

7 Oct

imageI’m a committed blogger as you know, but when the rain starts … No more writing … As you know paper and water have never been BFF until … I discovered the Rite in the Rain outdoor journals!
My Rite in the Rain notebook comes with a yellow plastic cover (easy to spot from far away) and it’s made imageof paper that sheds water and gives you the freedom to write anywhere with a pencil or a special pen whatever the weather is.
It’s commonly used by hikers, farmers, firemen, policemen, … adventures and you and me!
Check it out, it will be your new best friend.

Fom the student spiral notebook (5,52$) to the tactical shirt pocket (4,84$), don’t hesitate to explore their range of products sorted by products type (bound books, notebooks, loose leaf) or user group (tactical, agriculture, construction, public safety, recreation, underwater,image sportsman or general).
More info on
. Official Rite in the rain website
. Follow @riteintherain


Those boots are made for walking … In cold and rainy weather

19 Nov

I’m not made for cold, rainy or snowy weathers.
So when I flew from Mexico to Canada, I had to make a step.
My heart was torn between the Uggs and the Sorel.
Finally I chose the Sorel 1964 Premium CSV, the blue ones with light blue laces.

1. Those boots were made before in Canada by a Canadian company. After economic issues the company was sold and is now part of Columbia Sportswear.
It will be a sweet souvenir from my Canadian trip.
2. The shoes is a mix of leather, caoutchouc sole, waxed canvas with a removable/washable felt inner boot.
3. The felt inner boot can be used as slippers when you arrive in the mountain shelter.

Those boots are great up to temperatures below 40C!!
But they work well too while rainy and snowy winter days hits you.

Price is sweet too and can be compared to the Uggs (Decatur Nordic, 159$), only 150$.

Now you know where to put your feet.

PS: Bonus, you receive an extra pair of grey laces.


No water drips on you beloved phone !

1 Feb

So you have your Senz umbrella to protect you from the rain, good !
But what about your phone or tablet, they need to be water protected too! You don’t need to be a trekker, an adventurer to use it … a regular you and me will do.

You can find such waterproof pouches with the British Aquapac or German Ortlieb.

I found the Ortlieb one, I plan to use it when I walk under the rain.
I’m always typing messages on my iPhone/Blackberry while I walk, when it’s rainy I don’t like my phone to get wet.
The Orlieb I found is spacious enough to store my iPhone and Blackberry.
Not only it protecs my phones from the humidity but it also gives you full access to the functions of the phones through its extra thin plastic layer. Just insert your phones and roll up the pouch and the velcro will do the rest. The Aquapac got the Aquaclip® (a patented, ultra-secure, rustproof, injection-moulded plastic seal) opens and closes with a simple twist of two levers which is very convenient, much more than the Ortlieb.

What can you put in such a waterproof pouch ?

  • Important papers like passport, maps, money
  • Your electronics, choose the right size to fit your phones, tablets, extra batteries, earphones, …

The prices are good and range from 10$ to 40$ for an iPad pouch.

More infos on
Ortlieb website
Aquapac website
Follow @aquapac on Twitter

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