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This one is on me! Have a drink!

24 Oct

2013-07-23 09.53.45Hydration is key! Why?
Because we are made of water.
When adult our body contains about 60% of water, our heart is made of 79% of water, our muscles 76%.
Did you know that we need 6 weeks to renew the water in our body?
And it’s advised to drink 8 glasses of or 1,5l of water a day to be well hydrated

How to know when you are dehydrated?
If you are thirsty, it’s already too late you are dehydrated!
If you sweat a lot, you loose a lot of minerals and salts and again you are dehydrated!
When you sleep and wake up the next morning, you wake up dehydrated!
Being dehydrated is bad for us and has many consequences,
. The heart beat increases
. We have difficulty to concentrate
. As well as our cognitive skills decrease (language, memorization, thinking, coordination of the movements, …)

Basically, we all need to drink but not whatever drinks …
That’s when I started to browse the web to find solutions … And one of them is called Nuun (electrolyte enhanced drink tabs).

Nuun is all about hydration and they produced sugar-free tabs that we add to our bottle of water that will enhance our regular water to make it a beverage that will keep us hydrated whatever your activity.

Nuun carries 3 different products to be used depending on your physical activity

. U natural hydration: to stay balanced and refreshed with less than 7 calories per tab. It comes in 4 flavors, 16 vitamins and contains less electrolytes than the other Nuun products. I use it when I stay at home.
Potassium 77mg (2%DV) / Sodium 180mg (7%DV) / 0g sugar
. Nuun all day hydration: to help us drink more water daily. Enhanced with vitamins and minerals. This one I use for the office.
Potassium 200mg (6%DV)/ Sodium 60mg (3%DV) / 0g sugar
. Nuun active hydration, for our sports activities lasting more than 60 minutes. I use this one when in extreme hot weather or when I play tennis.
Potassium 97mg (2%DV) / Sodium 345mg (14%DV) / 0g sugar

image image image

Then it’s all a question of tastes as the Nuun tabs come in different flavors.
I like the Tropical and Strawberry for the Nuun Active hydration.

Nuun actually tastes good and is “easy” to drink, upgrading your regular fountain water to a vitamins and electrolytes-enriched water.

Be aware of the following
. Too much intake of sodium (can lead to hypertension) and potassium can be dangerous.
. Daily intake while eating normal will bring you 6-7g sodium.
When you are sweating because of hot weather or because of practicing sport you can go up to 10g (15g when re-hydrating).
. An average of 4700 mg potassium is ok, when practicing sport you can go higher.

Thanks to JB Fabre from @ESPConsulting13 for his help regarding the health aspects of this review.

More info on
. Nuun official website
. Follow @nuunhydration
. Follow @ESPConsulting13

Write in the rain ?

7 Oct

imageI’m a committed blogger as you know, but when the rain starts … No more writing … As you know paper and water have never been BFF until … I discovered the Rite in the Rain outdoor journals!
My Rite in the Rain notebook comes with a yellow plastic cover (easy to spot from far away) and it’s made imageof paper that sheds water and gives you the freedom to write anywhere with a pencil or a special pen whatever the weather is.
It’s commonly used by hikers, farmers, firemen, policemen, … adventures and you and me!
Check it out, it will be your new best friend.

Fom the student spiral notebook (5,52$) to the tactical shirt pocket (4,84$), don’t hesitate to explore their range of products sorted by products type (bound books, notebooks, loose leaf) or user group (tactical, agriculture, construction, public safety, recreation, underwater,image sportsman or general).
More info on
. Official Rite in the rain website
. Follow @riteintherain

The manatee not only from Florida but also from GreenSpan

27 Jan

I’ve seen a manatee for the first time this summer in Seaworld Orlando.
Impressive !
Manatees are very large herbivorous marine mamals sometimes called the sea cow (up to 13 feet and 1,300 pounds).
They like to hang in the warm and shallow waters.
It’s an endangered species protected by Federal and Florida government.
But manatee is not only a sea cow but also a bottle tote !
Not just a tote, an eco-friendly one !

Eco-friendly because GreenSmart does use a water-based material instead of regular neoprene.
Its production process use less petroleum and energy.
The neogreen (not neoprene) is made from recycled PET water and soda bottles.
The Manatee tote comes in 4 bi-colors and 3 sizes (short, medium or tall).
GreensSmart also produce

  • MacBook and laptop sleeves,
  • backpacks and messengers,
  • wine and water totes.

10% of the profits goes to non-profit organizations.

More infos on

Nuts about coconut water ?

24 Oct

Coconut water is really fashionable right now. What is this all about ? Why should you try ? Is it good for your health ?
I discovered coconut water last year and I tried different brands among those VitaCoco endorsed by Rihanna … Oulala.

First of all, water coconut (liquid inside young coconut) is NOT to be mistaken with coconut milk (mix of coconut meat and water).
Coconut water is about hydration. It contains potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium. On top of it, there’s zero fat, cholesterol and no added sugar. It’s also gluten free.
Then it’s an issue of taste, every brand of water coco tastes differentely. So that part is up to you.
I LIKE Zico taste.

Why should you drink it ? Coconut water is really good when you do sport because when you run a lot, you loose stuff that will be compensate through the coconut water full of electrolytes and potassium.
If you don’t run a lot, should you still drink it ? Yes! Because you still need to drink to stay hydrated.
What does it taste like ? All the brands taste differently, so you have to try try it and make up your mind. Zico also offers different flavors like chocolate, pineapple, … I’m not really a fan of the flavored ones thought so I stick to the natural version.
Zico packages the coconut whater in a plastic bottle instead of a tetra pack with straw …
The only thing that isn’t cool about Zico is the price, but its so good for your health that you should mind the price. And as they like to say: “We climb the tree for you” πŸ˜‰

ChaseIt or BeChased ?
ChaseIt because, it’s good for you, the taste is great (I like it) and it’s the best way to hydrate yourself fast during an effort. It’s also cool to drink a drink all day that doesn’t have added sugar !

By the way, when you bring back the bottle you get 5 cents of refund. Sweet !

More infos on

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