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12 Aug

NÜÜD by Lifeproof, for iPhone 6It was raining cats and dogs in Montreal, and with my little green case from apple to protect my iPhone 6, I felt miserable.

So, I took my courage and umbrella to visit to the Telus shop for a Canadian sim card (I don’t like to roam) and a cover.

NÜÜD by Lifeproof, for iPhone 6I decided to go for the NÜÜD, the new model from Lifeproof.

What’s different from the cover I had for my iPhone 5s?

The spectacular stunt is that there’s no more plastic screen coming on top of your iPhone screen, the protection is screenless and it’s still waterproof (and your phone can stay up to 2 hours in the water)! NÜÜD by Lifeproof, for iPhone 6

Meaning that your screen is in direct contact with the water. Scary!
But don’t be scared, Lifeproof put joints all around the screen that will keep the water outside your phone … I tested it and it works perfectly … I’m relieved.

NÜÜD by Lifeproof, for iPhone 6 NÜÜD by Lifeproof, for iPhone 6


  • The NÜÜD comes with a jack extension to keep your phone dry even when having the headphones connected
  • Ditch your non-Apple cables to charge your phone as it will not fit with the case
  • Also in the box, the screen protection
  • the price is a bit high, $80,99 but is worth it

More info on the NÜÜD

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