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It’s all about data, part2 … what about your phone ?

5 Nov

I’m with my favorite subject of the moment, the phone communications, the data and the apps you can use … check yesterday review.
Now, I’ve build you a sweet little table with the apps out there and the phones compatible.
I hope you will like it.

It’s all about data!

4 Nov

Photo 24-10-2013 3 10 43 pmPhone communication evolves and is slowly disappearing to be replaced by data consumption.
You continue to talk but you use Skype or FaceTime, no more regular calls especially if you call family, friends or business relations living abroad.
You can also chat/message your friends with greats apps ready to be downloaded on your beloved cell phone.
You’ll notice that depending on the region of the world you are in or the cell phone you are using, you’ll switch from one messaging app to another to contact your friends.
So, let’s tour the world of the data communication together and discover this new world ready to welcome you.

Basically the messaging apps promise you a service “à la carte” between all those utilities:
. free audio, video calls,
. free text messaging,
. and also free files transfers of images, video messages, audio messages

. Skype, video and audio chat, as well as instant messaging. You can see if your contacts are on or offline (even if it’s not always accurate). If you want to call regular phone numbers you may do so after buying minutes to Skype.

MetroUI-Apps-Skype-icon Photo 25-10-2013 7 18 56 pm Photo 25-10-2013 7 19 18 pm

. FaceTime, Apple app built-in your iPhone. Video and audio chat are available. The video quality is better than Skype one but I can’t message my contact at the same time. Now FaceTime works on 3G and wifi. That’s my favorite.

6a0120a5580826970c019b0046aaf8970d-800wi Photo 26-10-2013 10 10 04 am Photo 26-10-2013 10 09 03 am

. What’s App, one of the best messaging app out there. Your ID is linked to your telephone number* (sim card inside the phone). Chat messaging, audio calls and Hold-To-Talk available as well as images transfer. I use it daily.

whatsapp Photo 26-10-2013 10 01 24 am Photo 26-10-2013 10 01 30 am
Photo 26-10-2013 10 01 17 am Photo 26-10-2013 10 01 37 am

. WeChat, China.
I discovered this app recently during a trip to Beijing and basically everyone there is using WeChat to communicate. So with my Chinese colleagues and business relationships, and I, now use WeChat. Your address book contacts already using WeChat will appear in your WeChat contacts list (same on Viber, FaceTime and Whatsapp).
On top of the classic services of chatting, you’ll have cute emoticons (called stickers) ready to be downloaded for free or against paiement. You can also post “Moments”, kind of status you use in Facebook. I’ll stick to messaging, sharing pictures and voice messaging.

icon_256-1 Photo 24-10-2013 9 35 12 pm Photo 24-10-2013 9 35 16 pm

. Line, Japan.
On your screen: text messaging, free audio and video. You will also be able to send videos and pictures to your contacts.

line-app-logo Photo 24-10-2013 9 43 08 pm

. KakaoTalk, South Korea.
Free chat and audio calls. Possibility to share images , contacts and location, as well as Hold-To-Talk message your contact

icon_256 Photo 24-10-2013 9 43 39 pm

. Tango, USA.
Audio and video calls, text messaging, images/videos and Hold-To-Talk messages. Possibility to play games and see which games is being played by a contact.

102111_app_tango Photo 24-10-2013 9 36 05 pm

. FaceBook Messenger
Great app to message your contacts who are constantly on Facebook.
You will be able to send them pictures too.

Facebook-MessengerLarge Photo 26-10-2013 9 08 42 am Photo 26-10-2013 9 07 50 am

. Viber, audio calls as well as text messages.
Possibility to send photo and videos, to record a video and to take a picture. Also you can share your location and send a doodle to your contacts.

 viber  Photo 26-10-2013 9 24 01 am  Photo 24-10-2013 9 42 27 pm

As you see, there are plenty of communication apps out there. Now, your choice will depend on the service your friends, family and business relationships are using AND ALSO on the phone you are using and it’s operating system (iOS, Android, Symbian, blackberry, …).

I’m using FaceTime, Skype, Whatsapp, WeChat and now the new BBM for iPhone!
BUT if you don’t have data wherever you are you have to downgrade to texts … It’s the last thing that works when nothing is working anymore …

*If, like me, you have an unlocked phone, and you buy prepaid wherever you are traveling and you use WhatsApp (when the message appears on the screen “it’s a new phone number would you like to register it ?”, say NO and your WhatsApp ID will stay the one you used home!
*Because you will be using datas, I’ll suggest to check out your subscription with your telecom operator to see if it fits your communication pattern.
*Also, monitor your data usage with this free (but ugly app) called MyDataMgr you will avoid the bad surprise when you fly home and receive your phone invoice …
*If you own a Blackberry, I heard you will be able to download those apps through the Android shop, I will check it out and share with you soon

The battle of the messengers

26 Dec

What’s App vs Viber vs Blackberry IM vs iMessage vs FaceTime vs TalkBox vs Tango…

So Christmas went well, you spent all your dollars on gifts for your family and friends. So now you are broke BUT you still need to keep in touch with your fans, e-buddy and your tribe at the lowest price or even for free.

Check out the applications out there that will help you communicate at the cheapest rate (if you use a free wifi connection).

So what is the difference between all those apps ?
If you own a Blackberry, Blackberry IM is just mandatory

  • You’ll message your friends, one by one or with a global message to all your opened chats
  • You can move your contacts in groups to sort them out
  • You’ll be able to see when your message has been delivered or not, when it has been read (and maybe ignored by your ex-friend)
  • You’ll be able to send pictures and videos, to customize your icone profile and messages
  • It works of course only between Blackberries
  • The price will depend on your subscription, usually it’s free if you stay in your country

Then you have What’s App, which works on both Blackberry and iPhone. An iPhone user will be able to chat with a Blackberry user!

  • One v will tell you the message reached your friend
  • Two vv will confirm you that your friend read it (so you can bug your friend if he hasn’t replied because now you know he read your message)
  • You’ll be able to send pictures and videos, to customize your icone profile and messages
  • You’ll be able to see when your friend last appeared online

iMessage, before on with IOS4 you could text your friends … Now with IOS5 you can iMessage them.

  • It’s kind of a cross between Blackberry messenger and text with the option of sending pictures // check for videos
  • Now download is necessary if you already have IOS5 installed on your iPhone, just go to your message app and start chatting with your friends. If their iPhone is running IOS5 then you’ll iMessage them in blue and if not, you are just texting
  • iMessage will show when your message is delivered and when your friends is answering you; nothing revolutionary
  • You can create chat rooms with friends. It will stay opened until you close it. Smart and useful.

Viber is cool for audio calls and sms

  • Your contacts already on Viber will appear in your addressbook, you don’t have to do anything it will do it automatically
  • It only works while wifi-connected
  • You can’t use Viber on iPod Touch or iPad Wifi (because you need to have access to the addressbook), it’s not available on Blackberry

FaceTime, when Apple released the iPhone4, they heavely promoted FaceTime as a killer app

  • It works if you and your friends are both at the same time wifi-connected. Then you’ll be available to video chat
  • You can’t text-chat while in conference, too bad

I tested it and it’s not really effective. Even when wifi connected, calls don’t go through so I prefer using Skype.

Skype is great for videochat, message. Sometimes the communication breaks down, but you can’t complain: it’s free and works perfectly most of the time. You have to add manually your Skype contacts.
It doesn’t work on Blackberry though.

Talkbox is a kind of a vocal message box, kinda internet walkie talkie

  • basically, you need to find and add your friends that are already on Talkbox (by browsing your addressbook or your Facebook account)
  • then you record and leave a vocal message to your friends kinda like a text chat but vocal
  • You can leave either a vocal message, send a text or a picture


  • after installing the app, as Viber, all your contacts using Tango will appear in your contacts list ready to be chatted
  • this app is built around the video chat, so no text messages or photo sharing

I use daily Blackberry IM, Skype, What’s App, iMessage and I will try to get my friends on Talkbox.
Those apps will help you reduce you phone bills. Of course, don’t use them abroad while roaming, wait to be in a Starbucks and free wifi connected 😉
Don’t hesitate to share your tips on Messenger apps.

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