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Not enough storage on your smartphone?

4 Aug

leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPadI remember I was taking pictures and at one time my iPhone tells me “can’t take this picture, don’t have any storage left” …
What? In the middle of a tennis match? What do I do? I need those pictures!
So, I frantically started to erase pictures, apps, documents and started shooting again …
Then again I was out of storage … A nightmare … I’m sure, I’m not the only one this happened to.

Now, there’s a solution and it comes from the company iBridge with their “mobile memory” called the “leef“.

The leef iBridge looks like a USB key, it’s just a look …
One side of the leef iBridge is the USB connector, the other extremity is the Lightning connector.
How does it work? Easiest can’t be!

leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPad leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPad leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPad

Plug the leef iBridge in your iPhone as if you wanted to charge it.
The iPhone detects your leef iBridge  accessory and proposes you to get the free app that goes with it.

leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPad leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPad leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPad

Let’s go to the AppStore to download the free app.
When the app is installed and launched, you’ll have 3 choices
1. Transfer files (word, PowerPoint, excel, … Mac and PC versions of course
2. Content viewer (movies, music, pictures and documents)
3. iBridge camera

leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPad leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPad

This leef iBridge is way cool and will solve many storage issues.
The leef exists in 16Gb ($59.99/59€90), 32Gb ($79.99/89€90), 64 Gb ($119.99/129€90), 128Gb ($199.99/229€90), 256GB (out of stock) and you know what? You can even take photos and capture videos straight on the leef iBridge! 
How cool is that?

I use it for the office to store documents I need with me all the time (like powerpoint presentations, pdf, pictures, …) because I don’t want to download them … they are too heavy for my data subscription … I will also use it to record videos for my webTV show!
My friend uses it to store his music, as a media center.
So now, it’s your turn to find your usage!

This cool and necessary accessory works with iPhones 5/5S/5C, 6/6plus, iPad starting 4th generation and iPod Touch 5th generation.

  • leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPadCherry on the cake, you can even charge your iPhone while using the leef iBridge! The guys at iBridge thought about everything!
  • Plug the USB side of the leef iBridge in your computer and upload or download content
  • The only downside I could find is that the cable to charge my iPhone/iPad while my leef iBridge is on… was not in the box with the leef iBridge and I had to go back to the shop (call me lazy) to buy the leef ChargeThru for an extra $9,99

More info leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPad

Enlight me

19 May

Photo 7-04-13 8 34 14 PMBooks are way in, its not all about eBooks!
When you read a book, the light is important so I decided to bench 3 portable lights that you might like.

1. The supposed to be handy 2-LEDs bookmark by Moleskine, the Luna by GoalZero and the WakaWaka light.Photo 7-04-13 8 34 56 PM (HDR)
The 2-LEDs Bookmark is easy to charge through an incorporate USB
It’s also a bookmark which is a great idea.
But, and designed to be used as a bookmark too, it sounded like a great idea.
Testing it was not so fun, not a great beam, only lightning one page at a time.

 ChaseIt because
. It’s a one in two tool: a bookmark and a reading light

BChased because
. It only lights up one page at a time, can’t flip the page
. It’s not really handy, doesn’t hold straight
. The light is more blinding you than it lights up the page you read
. It’s too expensive (20euros)

2. The Luna by GoalZero, is a 10-led light powered by a computer, an handy Switch 8 or a usb plug.
The beam is way larger and it’s easy to direct the light thanks to its flexible and bendable cord to wrap it around object to secure it.
ChaseIt because it’s handy and useful and it’s a great value 9,90$

3. The WakaWaka Solar Lamp, a 2 leds-light powered by the sun.
Basically it has been designed to replace the oil lamp the people use when they don’t have electricity at home (it prevents fire, and burn injuries).
One full solar charge will give you
. 8 hours of bright ambient light
. 16 hours of bright reading light
. 80 hours of soft night safety light
It can only be charged by the sun, no sun no light. I use it home a night light.

Photo 4-04-13 11 16 34 AM1. Photo 4-04-13 11 11 27 AM (HDR)2. Photo 7-04-13 8 46 01 PM3.

1. The Moleskine Bookmark
2. The GoalZero lumina mounted on the Switch 8 charger
3. The WakaWaka light

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