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The battle of the connected bracelets

14 Dec

For more than a year, I’ve been wearing the Shine from Misfit pod (from Misfit) on the wrist. It counts my steps, measures my activities and monitors my sleep. I have friends and everyday we can see who was the most active in our chart.

I was a bit disappointed of the accuracy of the data measured when I started skateboarding and wanted to keep track of the distance, calories spent, …

So, I did some Shine vs Runtastic … I positionned the pod on my foot, then back on the wrist with the support of the app Runtastic (an app that tracks whatever sport your are practicing).

Now, I’ve been upgraded to the brand new UP3 by Jawbone!

Let’s start with the basics:

  • Autonomy: 7 days for the UP3 vs 4 months (with a replaceable battery). I think I can cope with one charge a week to be on top.
  • Waterproof: yes for the Shine, watersplash for the Up3, perfect to go under the shower. So, you will swim with the Shine, not with the Up3.
  • Both bracelets will track the activity, steps, sleep and burn calories.

The UP3 goes further and will analyse the heart beat, the sleep pattern, the eating habits and will coach us through the day.

Let’s unpack the UP3 and set it up.

  • The pairing was super easy, just connect the band to its charging cable,
  • wait for the lights of the bracelet to blink,
  • and launch the Up3 app to pair it to your phone through a bluetooth connection.

What’s cool in the UP3 is that the apps “talks” to lots of partners apps really strong on their tracking.
1. Activity, I connected my UP3 to Runtastic* (a gps app tracking lots of physical activities, I use it mainly to track my skateboard rides, my gym).

Alert: Up3, lets you customize alerts. I turned the option on to have a little buzz in the bracelet every 2 hours of inactivity between 9am to 7pm. It will force me to move from my chair and chill with my colleagues …

2. Sleep. I think this is the key of the UP3 (all the UPs, not only the UP3, are really strong in the sleep analysis).
The analyse is quite deep and will split the sleep between

  • deep sleep,
  • light sleep,
  • awaken period and how many times you wake up
  • and the REM (aka Rapid Eye Movement, one of the 5 stages of sleep) aslo know as the paradoxal sleep
  • all those info, crossed with the passive heart rate.

I never had those data before. The cool think is that the “coach” will help you improve your sleep, heart beat, eating habits.

PS: You have the possibility to add a “nap” during the day with the Up3, not with the Shine.

3. Food.
I connected to the “Lose It” app.
This app has a great database. Scan the barcode and here you go, all the nutrition info will be in the app (sugar, sodium, …).
It’s not easy to keep up with what we eat, as somethings it’s not referenced and I don’t know how many calories, sugar, … are in my mochi. Then the UP3 will give it and “healthy note“, out of 10.
Don’t forget to drink it’s good for your heart, brain, … and will help on your healthy note.
You can scan your product or enter manually its nutritive properties in the Up3 app or you can sync it with the LooseIt app (the scan is really pertinent and their database is huge).

PS: Loose It has a great database that works well for the US, not really for Europe … lots of manual entries if you are in Europe.

4. Smart coach.
The smart coach gives you tips, following your eating/drinking, sleeping, activity habits and challenge you for your own good.
The good thing about the smart coaching is that it’s there to help you get healthier and to make you think about your habits.

I love my Up3 because

  • It really makes me think about my habits (especially the sleeping habits),
  • it’s great to see the analyses of the heart beat (passive, during the sleep)
  • The coaching is also interesting and changes from just hitting your daily goal (it’s more qualitative)

I can’t keep up with the eating habits even if I want to … I just ate a plate of 12 different sushis, don’t know and want to enter each sushi manually … (lazy me).

ChaseIt or Bchased?


  • the Up3 comes with one of the best app on the market
  • the smart coaching is useful
  • the analysis of the sleep goes a step further than its competitors
  • the heart analysis is interesting and frees us from the chest belt
  • I love the feeding of information through 3rd parties apps


  • the Up3 is a bit fragile
  • the Up3 needs to charge every week
  • the charging cable is perfectible and needs to be well align on the bracelet … or no charging

PS: Up3 communicate with the Runtastic app (the free version). If you have the pro version, download the free one, log in and keep both Runtastic Pro and Runtastic on your phone. When you start your session, launch Runtastic (free version) not the pro one. Up 3 will be fed the info by Runtastic not by the pro version.

Story to continue with the analysis of the accuracy of the data between the Shine and the Up3.

Smooth awakening rather than a cold shower on a Monday morning ? Your choice !

12 Dec

Tired of being awaken by your screaming alarm clock while you are dreaming of your brand new appartement on 5th ave that the Kleiers just found for you ? That was just a dream so WAKE UP !
I have a solution for you, the smart alarm function of my Up from Jawbone.
How does it work ?
Program your wristband to your wake up time, in my case it’s 8:15am on the weekdays and don’t wake me up before in the week-end.
Then synchronise your wristand and do whatever you need to.
The Up will wake you up between 7:45 to 8:15am when your sleep is the lightest by vibrating on your wrist. If you sleep like a log, it will wake just on time at 8:15.
The result, you wake up on time or a little bit before, fresher because the brand analyses your microvibrations and knows when to wake you up. Nice to have, your bed-buddy can sleep over because he/she won’t be disturbed by the alarm clock.
I used it for 3 weeks now and I like it !


Check out my tennis workout today

11 Dec

The Up from Jawbone got a “workout mode” that analyses you workout and split it in vigorous, moderate and light.
To summarize, I played tennis for 1 hour and 57 minutes, burned 203,8calories, run for 4,65km (6066 steps).
The exercise was vigorous during 34 minutes, moderate during 11 minutes and light for 71 minutes …

The only way is UP !

21 Nov

“The only way is UP baby” sang Yazz back in the 80s (check it out on iTunes), now it’s Jawbone’s turn to sing it with the release of its brand new toy called “UP“.
The UP is a bracelet that you can wear 24/7. It’s autonomy goes up to 10 days when fully charged (fully charged in 80 minutes).
It then upload all your activities on iPhone or iPad through its jack plug:

  • Working in your cubicle
  • Running at the park
  • Grabing lunch at Dean and DeLuca
  • Watching “Property virgins” with Sandra Rinomato on HGTV while eating crisps
  • Sleeping on your Tempur bed
  • Playing Spin Tennis at the wii

It will track down everything you do and tip off you eDevice and crunch the data to draw your profile.
Aim of the game to improve your life by doing excercise, eating healthier, oversleeping on Sunday … getting you conscious about your pattern and bad habits.
So when it was released on the 2nd week of November, I had to buy one and test it (so far, it’s available in the US and Canada at Best Buys, Apple Store … Coming soon in Europe). The bracelet’s price is $99.
First, what color was i supposed to choose ? Black, silver, 2 kinds of reds, blue, dark brown and bright white. I kept it low profile and bought a black one.
I’ve been testing it for a few days and it’s fun.

What is the UP tracking 24/7 ?

  • Turn it on day mode when you wake up by pushing the silver button and it starts tracking your physical activities.
  • Take a picture of what you eat and add it to your daily activities. It won’t count the calories (too bad, maybe it’s for the next app update), but will ask you how you feel 1 hour after you ate (hungry, full …).
  • When you exercices,  press-press and hold the silver button and the tracking will start.
  • Then when you’ll finally go to bed, turn it back to sleep mode and while you’re sleeping like a baby, the “Up” won’t be sleeping but monitoring your sleep and wake up period.

Upload then the content of the Up whenever you want by connecting the end of the bracelet into the jack plug of the iPhone or iPad, then you’ll see the graph of your day.

  • The 1st tracks my daily activities. How many steps, miles or km and calories done or burnt.
  • The 2nd graph shows the food you ate and when you ate it (just take a picture before eating and put it in the iPhone right away)
  • The 3rd graph reports my sleep with a split between light/deep sleep and awaken period.

The Up is also a communitarian device. You can create teams and participate to challenges “eat 1 veggie and 1 fruit every meal during 14 days”, “drink 8 glasses of water every day” … I’m not yet into challenges, but who knows maybe i’ll be later?

ChaseIt or BChased ?
ChaseIt because it makes you conscious about your way of life: exercising/eating and sleeping habits. It’s also fun too!
The price is a little hight ($99) but it’s a sweet toy for grown ups.

More infos on
Jawbone Up page
Follow @iheartup, the Up community on Twitter
Dean and DeLuca
Property virgins” with Sandra Rinomato
Tempur beds

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