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iTunes TV shows with iOS7

11 Oct

Since I switched from iOS6 to iOS7, I had the disagreement to see on my iPad all the TV shows I downloaded since … forever …
I simply wanted to see the new tv shows episodes ready to be watched.
It was bugging me big time, but guess what? I just found the solution!
Go to Settings then iTunes&App Store then toggle OFF the videos and only the TV shows on your device will appear on your screen.

image image

Check the difference on those 2 screens.

image image

You can do the same for the audio too.

Home button gone AWOL?

23 Apr

Brocken or non-responsive home iPhones/iPads/iPods button happens a lot but when it happens to you, it’s a pain!

Not anymore, because now you will have a solution.
. Solution 1, go to Apple to have it fixed. Gonna cost you …
. Solution 2, buy a new iPhone … not cheap either or
. Solution 3, turn on the “assistive touch” … Cheap and you’ll survive until iPhone5s will be released …

The “assistive touch” is a function that has been designed to operate gestures with only one finger or a stylus instead of using 2-3-4 or 5 fingers gesture.

Among the advantages and shortcuts it brings you, it will offer you a brand new fully working virtual home button that you will be able to place wherever you want on your screen.

To set up it, go to “settings“, “general“, “accessibility” then scroll down to “assertive touch” and toggle it on.

Photo 16-04-13 23 12 24 (HDR) Photo 16-04-13 23 12 52 Photo 16-04-13 23 13 38

Now when you tap the white button, it opens a 4 icons-menu
. Siri, to start discussing with Siri
. Device, to select the following options: lock screen, rotate screen, volume up/down/mute and more
. Favourites, the favourite gestures you created
. Home, the famous home button you have issue with

Photo 15-04-13 4 43 36 PM Photo 15-04-13 4 43 52 PM Photo 15-04-13 4 43 57 PM

But let’s dig a little bit deeper to see what else the “assistive touch” can bring you.
. You can create customised gestures that you will trigger with only one finger (great when you wear gloves and only have the index available to touch the screen …)
. Here are some examples, “SwipeRight” to use to browse your pictures for example

Photo 16-04-13 11 31 36 PM Photo 16-04-13 11 31 41 PM Photo 16-04-13 11 31 59 PM
Photo 15-04-13 4 43 36 PM Photo 16-04-13 11 32 16 PM

Extra tips if you want to go further with the “assertive touch” menu
. Tap 3 secs the “Lock screen” and the “power off” screen will appear with its slide
. When I use it with my lifeproof case, the home button is a little bit hard to push and I prefer to spare it by using the virtual home button. Because I’m lazy and don’t want to go throught the “settings” menu I customized the “triple-click Home” to toggle on and off the “assistive touch“.
To do so, go to “settings”, “General”, “Accessibility”, scroll down to “Triple-click Home” and select “assistive touch”.

Photo 17-04-13 14 51 32 Photo 17-04-13 14 51 55

A problem, a question about your iPhone, iPad, don’t hesitate to write me, I’ll try to find a solution 😉

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, daddy used to tell me …

19 Oct

Daddy always said that i needed to have a good breakfast, to drink my milk because it’s the most important meal of the day.
And it’s true, but it’s not always easy to have time to prepare a big meal daddy would approve.
So I-Hop, Starbucks, Dean & DeLuca and Jamba Juice were created to help us… thank god !
Or… that’s why the Japanese invented the Green Tea Smoothie.
It is dairy-free, full of protein and will fill you up with energy until lunch time.

What do you need to prepare this Japanese beverage ?
Green Tea Smothie ingredients

  • 100gr kinu (soft tofu)
  • 200cl soy milk (you can use cow milk if you want)
  • 1cac matcha powder (aka green tea powder)
  • 1cas kinako powder (grilled soy beans reduced to powder)
  • 2cas brown sugar

(Don’t worry there’s a I-don’t-find-those-weird-stuff-free version below 😉 )

Put everything in the blender and push the button and tadaaa, it’s done. You just made your very own green tea smoothie !

If you don’t find the japanese ingredients, try the strawberry smoothie

  • 100gr strawberries
  • 2 cas honey
  • 200ml soy mil
  • 100gr soft tofu

Good drink, full of protein to get you through early mornings. Enjoy !!

Don’t hesitate to share your own recipes with us.

101 tips for iPhone/Pad, How to block the orientation of the screen ?

12 Oct

A trustfull ChaseItOrBChased reader from Miami asked me once how to block the orientation of the screen of her iPhone.
Here’s the answer, as easy as 1, 2, 3 !

Double-click on the “home button”,
then scroll to the left/ right the apps until you reach the end/beginning of the apps page.

Take a look at what’s displayed on your screen:

  • the 1st icone will block the orientation of the screen
  • the 2nd  will play/stop/pause the music you are listening to from your library
  • (on your iPad, you’ll have a slider to adjust the brightness of the screen)
  • the 3rd is about the volume of the music you are listening to

When you click on the 1st icone, you’ll block the orientation of the screen and a little icone “blocked orientation” will appear on the top right of your screen.
This is really useful when

  • You show pictures to someone and want to maximize the size
  • You read articles on your couch
  • You watch a video laying on your bed

Here’s Tip #2 just for you, because I’m in a good mood:

– triple tap the home button to see what it does.

It’s really handy when you read a book in a dark place, in a plane, in your bed before going to sleep. It will relieve your eyes.
Triple tap again, and you’re back to normal.

Tip #3 is how to show the percentage of battery left.
Clic “Settings” then “General” then “Usage” then switch the battery percentage to “on”.

Don’t hesitate to shoot us your questions, they will be answered in Wednesday’s post.

Zoom the picts in Flickr

Screenshots with an iPhone. As easy as 1, 2, 3!

28 Sep

So you don’t know how to take a screenshot of your screen ? You don’t have to worry anymore, it’s easy and very useful.
A screenshot is a picture of the screen you are looking at.You can screenshot videos, newspaper, websites scree …basically anything you can see on the screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
FIRST. Push the home button and the swith off button simultaneously … Clic/clac you just made your first screenshot !!
SECOND. Where do i find my screenshot ? It’s easy, it’s in your photo album. Just click on the sunflower (it’s the last pic of you camera roll).
THIRD. Send it by mail, mms or to you mobileMe gallery. You can also use the screenshot to personnalize your contacts in your addressbook and use it as a contact picture.

Now, why do you need screenshot ?
I use them in my powerpoint presentations at work, to show off my high scores, to keep souvenirs of skype conversations with my nephew …
In conclusion, everyone will find its very own use to the screenshots.

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