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Are you stormproof ?

9 Sep

imageI don’t like umbrella because I thought it’s not a nice accessory and basically it’s not lasting, breakable and bad for my look.
I grew up when, 2 years ago, I discovered a different kind of umbrella with the Senz one. Senz is not a regular umbrella but a storm umbrella supposed to protect me from the rain and to be trusted against wind up to 100kmh!

You can spot the Senz umbrella from far away due to its odd trapeze shape (not round like the other umbrella).

image image image

There are 4 models available
. Senz Original, lenght 93x width 89cm, 435gr, stormproof up to 100kmh, comes in 12 colors, 49,95€
. Senz XL, 106x102cm, 507gr, stormproof up to 100kmh, 4 colors, 59,95€
. Senz mini, 93x85cm (28cm when closed), 260gr, stormproof up to 80kmh, 5 colors, 44,95€
. Senz mini ao, 92x85cm (30cm when closed), 360cm, stormproof up to 80kmh, 3 colors, 49,95€

Whatever model you chose, the Senz umbrella is
. storm proof (with a 2 years storm warranty)
. UV protective (UPF50+), which you usually have with the too heavy and too biff golf umbrella
. provided with eyesavers at the end of each tips

My new umbrella is the Senz original with the handy and large foam handle.image

Now, I’m ready for the rainy stormy season but also for the sunny escapes on the beach.

Watch our video of the Senz mini

Got discounts for you, just mail me and you’ll get a 25% off!

More infos
. Senz official website,
. Follow @senzumbrella

Stormy days are fun !

7 Jan

Europe is experimenting stormy and rainy day, not fun… You think.
We decided to play with the Senz mini and check out its ability to fight the stormy winds.
Because sometimes videos are more explicit than long sentences, check out this home-made video.

Thanks to MP for the shooting, cut/paste/edit.

Check out the full ChaseItOrBChased review here.

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