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Reflection in my socks?

4 Feb

HeiselDo you ever walk at night dressed in dark colours?
Have you ever jogged at the crack of dawn anxious to be seen by the cars during your jogg?
Do you ever walk with your doggie in a pitch black street in the middle of the winter?
All those questions have the same answers: safety and fashion first! And you know what? Heisel got the answer!Heisel

It all started with Sylvia Heisel.
Sylvia is a pioneer and veteran in fashion, not any fashion but smart fashion using innovative and smart material.
The lines of clothes designed by Sylvia combine advanced technology materials and manufacturing techniques.
Creativity, technology, sustainability and style are leading the way!

So let’s follow her footsteps and discover Heisel line
From T-shirts to hoodies, pants and parka, Heisel also creates suome great and accessible accessories that will bring safety and comfort to our life (saving you from the ugly yellow safety jacket).

I was attracted by the polka dots reflecting tennis socks ($16) and the reflecting beanie ($36).
Those accessories are great while running, biking or just walking and will attract the attention of the cars when the sun goes down.
The beanie is great for winter to keep your ears warm and you will stand out at night … safety is not a game!Heisel

PS: Heisel clothes and accessories are also a stunner while moving your body on the dance floor!!
If you are into D.I.Y., check the reflective threads ready to be knitted, sewn, glue to your clothes to create your very own reflective outfit.

More infos on Heisel
. Heisel official website
. Twitter @heisel_co
. Instagram heisel_co
. Facebool Facebook.com/heiselco

Thanks to Diego and Sylvia for their help.


Smart peebles ?

2 Dec

yes, peebles can be smart! At least they are when they come from Korea. The peebles are made of silicone, they are hollow and when pushed they suck the air and stay put. Check it out, I put them on my window just for fun (it was useless but cute).

I use the smart peebles to

  • block my iPad from sliding on my desk
  • lift my Blackeberry so I can read the screen without holding it (I’m lazy, I know)

They are fun to use at the office and bring a little bit of colors.
You can also use them home to put under a hot pan (but you will probably need more than 2, I guess).
Smart peebles come by two and cost 15,99$.
Note that DesignMaxxx, the Korean company, gives you the opportunity to customise the peebles if you want to use it as merchandise for your company.

ChaseIt or BeChased ?
ChaseIt, because it’s fun, cheap BUT difficult to find in a shop. They are available online on Amazon though.

More infos on

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