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They are swimming with the Sharks!

15 Apr

Biscuit, Huntington Hop and Pescadito

Back then in 2013, the Hamborg family (Pete, Gus and cousin Donnie) faced the Sharks to ask their help to grow their little company that makes biiig boards bringing the Californian dream of landsurfing to the world!

Robert Herjavec jumped on the board and is now part of the story of Hamboards

Thanks to Shark Tank, I discover the landsurfing world and I’m definitively hooked. I never skateboarded before, now I own 3 Hamboards boards (the Biscuit, the Huntington Hop and  my brand new one of a kind Pescadito) and I’m landsurfing every morning before work!

Hamboards will be back on TV and will be featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show Beyond the Tank at 10/9c on April 19th, 2016. Don’t miss it, I won’t!!

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    The Grin vs the Jam

    6 Apr

    I’m into longboarding a lot these days.
    I love to clean the wheels, chase the squeaking away, switch bearings, … In short, I need tools.

    I treated myself with the Grind by Leatherman ($20). I love it. It’s design, small, light, in two part so perfect when I need to tight the trucks to the board.

    The Grind presents a total of 8 tools

    • a grip tape file,
    • 9/16″ open end wrench,
    • truck key,
    • 1/4″ hex bit driver,
    • 1/2″ open end wrench,
    • 3/8″ open end wrench,
    • 1/2″ flat/philipps screwdriver
    • and of course … a bottle opener.

    It’s a great tool to drop in the pocket of my bermuda, but I already lost it once (I bought a 2nd one), then I discovered the Jam ($20) still by our friends from Oregon Leatherman.

    The Jam is a 5 tools in one with

    • a gripe tape file,
    • 1/16″open end wrench,
    • 1/2″ open wrench,
    • 3/8 open end wrench
    • and … the bottle opener.

    What I really do like about the Jam is that you can use it as a carabiner too … I don’t loose it as easily as the Grind and I hang it at my backpack. I always have with me even if I switch bermuda 😉

    Then I needed to change my bearings and I couldn’t do it neither with my Jam nor Grind as my wheels are deep … I had to go back to the standard T-shape skate tool with its wrench (starting price $5 on Amazon). I unscrewed my wheels in no time, using the wrench.Photo Apr 05, 7 27 01 PM

    To sum up, the Grind and Jam are cool, stylish and easy to carry around but the one really doing the job is the t-shape skate tool (that I keep home). Use the metal allen key in the t-shape tool to pop the bearings out (can’t be easier).PS: both the Grind and the Jam are TSA compliant!

    Photo Apr 05, 7 29 35 PMDon’t forget to check out

    • I met Pete, my visit to Pete iand Hamboards HQ in Huntington Beach!
    • Hamboards official website
    • The Grind and the Jam on the Leatherman official website

    PS: Thanks Pete for all your advices!

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