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I’m a mini shark

17 Sep

It’s a trend, since living in the US, Shark Tank has been on TV every day of the week. It made me curious and gave me the urge to discover local startups …

For a couple of months, I’ve been contacting food and beverages startups and I discovered some interesting ones which became part of my brand new daily and healthy habits.

  • Apiterra raw Honey from Brooklyn

Perfect to make infusions, protein balls, to spread on a toast … see! Honey is not just there when you have a cough.

My favorite for the morning is ginger/tumeric (one table spoon in hot water and I sip it all morning). I alternate withe the matcha honey. I use the acay bay honey one for the protein ball.

  • NotMilk from Brooklyn.

It’s just like mommy would make it. Homemade with good products and lots of love: almond, walnuts, … basically nuts but no cows involved.

Notmilk is made with no bs and funky products but with straight and plain almonds sometimes with a twist for the adventurous ones (sesame, cinnamon or vanilla, …).

It’s also an home delivery service in beautiful glass bottles. The delivery happens 2 times a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and NotMilk takes back the empty bottles (I chose to be delivered once a week, 1 bottle (quart) each delivery).

The bottles come within a isotherm Notmilk bag.

  • Yumbutter.

Ok, we all know peanut butter and sometimes almond butter but have you ever tried the Yumbutter? It’s a small company from Wisconsin which wants to make the difference and feed the world. One pouch bought feeds one kid.

Taste it plain for pure energy or as replacement for the putter butter in you food preparations (like the protein balls, or mixed in my chia pudding, …).

  • Mombucha.
  • Made by Rich in Brooklyn! I’m not a fan of Kombucha but I like the Kombucha made by Mombucha! Beet and ginger is my favorite, and I love it in popsicles too.
  • More info

    Xmas list 2016

    9 Dec

    It’s that period of the year again when you give “discrete” hints to  close ones about what you would like under the Christmas tree … So mom, please pick the hints …

    1. The best hoodie ever! Made in America by American Giant … for the chilly nights in Miami, $89

    2. I eat sushis almost everyday, so I need chopsticks made with … recycled skateboards, $25

    3. The brand new pocketable backpack  “Azimut Pack” … technical and versatile … is so for me, from Triple Aught Design, $120

    4. I need a bedside lamp but no any lamp … the very bright and design portable Lumio light I saw at the Moma NYC will be perfect, $190

    5. I’m always lost without a Philippe screwdriver, a cutting hook or a SIM card pick … it’s a bracelet! The “Thread” bracelet is the first wearable multi-tool by Leatherman, $165

    6. To improve my skateboarding skills, I think that custom Vans will help … $90 for the Old Skool with suede.

    7. I would fancy a painting of myself skating by artist Le Closier to hang above the chimney

    8. I would like a furry friend … a dog from the shelter Urgent Dogs Of Miami

    Have a wonderful Christmas or Hanukkah!!


    They are swimming with the Sharks!

    15 Apr

    Biscuit, Huntington Hop and Pescadito

    Back then in 2013, the Hamborg family (Pete, Gus and cousin Donnie) faced the Sharks to ask their help to grow their little company that makes biiig boards bringing the Californian dream of landsurfing to the world!

    Robert Herjavec jumped on the board and is now part of the story of Hamboards

    Thanks to Shark Tank, I discover the landsurfing world and I’m definitively hooked. I never skateboarded before, now I own 3 Hamboards boards (the Biscuit, the Huntington Hop and  my brand new one of a kind Pescadito) and I’m landsurfing every morning before work!

    Hamboards will be back on TV and will be featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show Beyond the Tank at 10/9c on April 19th, 2016. Don’t miss it, I won’t!!

    Also don’t miss to read

      I met Pete!

      13 Mar

      I met Pete, not any Pete, THE Pete.
      Pete is the CEO and founder of the Californian skateboards brand called Hamboards!

      On a cloudy Saturday, I decided to drive my rental car to Huntington Beach. Huntington Beach is not just any beach, it’s also called Surf City and it’s also the cradle of the landsurfing invented by the Hamborg family.

      So I drove the one hour trip on south 405 … When I arrived I was stunned because the Hamboards shop is only opened by appointment during the week-ends … Oops …

      Too bad, so I drove back to Huntington Beach to check on the beach life …

      I was watching the crowd walking the boardwalk when suddenly coming from nowhere I saw Pete! Pete was casually landsurfing on a biiiig board with his land padel! I jumped on my feet and tried to chase him …

      I ran, I lost Pete, I ran and out of breath I said “Hi Pete, I’m Julie from Paris” … I looked like a stalker … Scary …

      Pete stopped, I caught my breath and we started to talk boards and ended up testing his brand new board!

      Then we decided to meet at the Hamboards shop after I ate a pulled pork sandwich at the Duke’s (another must see in Huntington Beach).

      The full belly and after a little tour on the Pier, I was ready to meet Pete and test some boards …

      Let’s go back to Hamboards HQ!!!

      For the record, I already have 2 Hamboards boards:

      • The tiny Biscuit, great for traveling (it’s fits in my luggage) and for boarding in style downtown Paris, NY, Melbourne, … I love this board as its funny, aggressive and you still have the feeling and moves of the surfboard (without the sharks and the cold water) or snowboard (without the snow and freezing temperatures).
      • Then, I wanted to experience a longboard and I got the taller Huntington Hop, safe, fast and great for long rides.

      I wanted to pitch the idea to Pete of having the best of both worlds with the fun and aggressivity of the Biscuit and the pleasant rides on the Hop.
      In a matter of second I was on a Pescadito, riding the cement with Pete!!! LOVE it!

      The Pescadito is as tall as my Hop, it’s also great for pumping, for long rides and easy to bring in the bus or in the metro … I’m in!
      After some discussion with Pete, we decided to customise it and add bigger wheels so I chose the model with the holes in the boards. We agreed on the colors and I left … without my board … Pete has to work on it …

      After 7 days, Pete texted me. My Pescadito was ready to be shipped from Huntington Beach to Miami.

      Waiting impatiently for my new board, my Pescadito by Hamboards!

      To be continued …

      More info:

      Thanks to THE Pete, Donnie, Andre and MrT!


      Land-surf 101!

      8 Sep

      Landsurfing on the Hamboards BiscuitI always wanted to skate, but I missed the opportunity and inline-skated instead, then I was too busy to give it a shot.
      I thought skating was not for me, thinking again skating is not for me BUT land-surfing IS!
      I just received my Biscuit from the Californian family company called Hamboards.

      The model is the Biscuit Hamboo.

      The first thing I must say is it’s a beautiful board, a piece of art, so beautiful I want to hang it on the wall.
      Just looking at it you can tell someone built it with love and care.

      Not just anyone because each board is signed by its maker and this time mine have been made by Tory Johnson (thanks TJ!).

      The Biscuit and its spectacular shape

      The Biscuit and its spectacular shape

      It's a piece of art

      It’s a piece of art, shaped with love

      Time to check it out in the wild

      Signed and numbered

      The board is covered with a grainy/satin coating while the back is smooth and shiny with the name of board, its very own unique number, the signature of its maker and the green wheels and trucks.

      Tag along to see if I’ll make it in one piece and become a land-surfer.

      Testing of the balance on the carpet

      Testing of the balance on the carpet

      Testing of the "speed" in the hallway

      Testing of the “speed” in the hallway

      Practicing in the wild

      Practicing in the wild, barefoot then with shoes

      Day #1, let’s find the balance and the foot which will push. I stayed safely on a carpet, it was easier …

      Day #2, let’s start to push a bit and stay on the board, I was practicing in a hallway on wooden floor. I pushed on the wall to gain “speed” and help myself with the balance. I started my first attempts to pump but was not at ease as I lost balance.

      Day #3, let’s try to look “surfy” and go in the open wild boardwalk.
      I found a great spot in Santa Monica with a small slope, great to try the carving (it looked like a hill to me, but it was small).
      I fall a bit, scratched my feet (I was barefoot) and board but that’s part of the process. No pain, no gain. Nothing serious and definitively lots of fun and progress.

      Day #4, back on the board (this time with shoes) and trying to improve the push/pump and carve. I’ll make it!

      So, is land-surfing for anyone?
      YES! But like anything else it takes a bit of patience to get the hang of it.
      I’m now a land-surfer in becoming and I love it!!!
      Practicing hard now to be matching Hamboards values and spirit of the land-surfing.
      Now I can push, pump and carve, need to work on the style 😉

      Photo 22-08-2014 6 16 01 pm


      PS: get this tool that will help you tighten all the screws, nuts and bolts of your board to surf safely. Mine is green matching the color of my wheels.

      Also, add helmet and wrists protection so your mom will be relieved 😉






      More infos on
      . The official Hamboards website
      . The official Hamboards Europe website
      . Like Hamboards Facebook
      . Like Hamboards Europe Facebook
      . Instagram Hamboards and Hamboards_Europe
      . Follow @Hamboards and @Hamboardseurope

      Thank for your help: Pete, Gus, Don and Andre

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