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My 10 favorite japanese food 1/10, Tororo Kombu

20 Apr

Photo 17-04-13 2 59 46 PM (HDR)
I must admit that I loooove Japanese food, if you follow me on twitter you should know by now. Loving it and eating it every lunch, I discovered food I’ve never tasted before and I would like to share my favourite japanese food with you. My mission will be to post 10 articles about each of those. I’ll start with the Tororo Kombu.

The Tororo Kombu
Photo 17-04-13 8 27 34 PM (HDR)I discovered the tororo kombu sprinkled on the top of my favourite soba noodles soup. It looks weird at first I must admit kind of thin hair when it’s used dry  or like a sticky substance when used in the soup.
In the soup it doesn’t taste much but dry it tastes a little bit like nuts.

What is it ?
The tororo is made of scrapped kombu. The kombu is a seaweed. Before the scrapping, it’s softened with vinegar.

How to use it ?
In a soup or sprinkled on rice or as a snack.

The tororo kombu will bring you calcium, iron, dietary fibers and minerals for few calories.
You won’t eat much because it has the property to fill up your stomach pretty fast (it can even be used as hunger-killer).

Don’t eat too much because it is very hight in iodine which may affect your thyroid gland.

So like hubby often says, “I eat everything, but in small amounts“.
Recommendation: 3cm/1,18inch daily stripe.

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