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QR code

7 Nov

What’s a QR code ? QR stands for Quick Response. It’s not a barcode, but some more complex system made by white and black pixels. When the code is scanned with an iPhone/iPad/smartphones ( it works with smartphones too) it will direct you either to

  • a website,
  • a business card,
  • your email application with a link
  • or it will copy it to your clipboard,
  • share it on Facebook or Twitter

I tested many QR iPhone app (now you now what QR stands for), and the best, the most stable and easy to use is QRafter.
It’s free to scan, but to unlock the creation of codes you will have to put some extra bucks on the e-table (2,99$). The app comes for iPhone and iPad.
Does it make the bang for the buck ? Let’s see how it works and what the added value QR code can bring you.

First, you need to decide what kind of info you want to share, for the example we built the code for our business card on your favorite website ChaseItOrBChased.com.
The step by step is the following

  1. I created my contact in the addressbook
  2. open QRafter
  3. select the end tab called “Create”
  4. select the typpe of code you want to create, I choose “Contact card”
  5. I browsed my addressbook and chose my file
  6. I previewed the content
  7. then I created my very own QR Code

QRafter gives you the possibility to export your code

  • to the Camera Roll
  • to send it by email
  • to share it on Facebook or Twitter
  • or to print it

I chose the option to print it and I sticked it inside my Blackberry protection so it’s ready to be scanned 😉
ChaseIt or BChased, ChaseIt because

  • it’s easy to use
  • it has the ability to scan (free) and also to create codes (upgrade you have to pay for)
  • you’ll never forget your business cards anymore
  • you’ll stop cut trees to print your business cards
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