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It’s party time everyday!

21 Jun

Coming straight from Kickstarter, the guys from Power Practical founded their project and started to produce the Luminoodle.

I backed the project because it answers some of my needs

. An extra lamp powerful and portable

. An extra lamp that you could be used without a power outlet thanks to a tiny external battery (the LEDs are not hungry on energy)

. An extra lamp versatile enough to hang or stay in its pouch to brighten my indoor and outdoor

. An extra lamp that can face the real world and which is not fragile

I received my Luminoodle XL (10ft, $29,99) in its little pouch and I love it!
I use it everywhere, everyday, all the time.

The Lumidoodle looks like a xmas fairy light designed for everyday use…

More about Power Practical


The man-pack

24 Jun

We all need a bag yo pack our stuff. Going to the office, packing for a week-end trip, … This bag will make you don’t forget the essential and that it will always be easily reachable.

Let’s discuss with Aaron Tweedie, the inventor/designer of the Man-Pack.

What’s your professional background and how did you come up with the idea of the man-pack ?
I went straight into the military after high school, I was in Fort Benning Georgia at 17 years old and stationed in a reserve unit. After getting back home, I had my first sales job at 19. I was a car salesman. I sold Dodge and Volvo. I did very well. So much that I built a house. Then another, and decided to go to college. I put myself through college through building and land speculation.

20130624-224225.jpgAfter college I obtained a contractor license and real estate license. I did construction and real estate until I came up with the idea of the Man-Pack.

A cabinet salesman left me a small promotional bag from their company. I started using it and found it useful to carry a bag. After I broke a few of these (I kept going back to get more) I started shopping around for something more durable and designed to my preference. I couldn’t find anything that was masculine, durable, utilitarian and affordable. I realized there was an unmet need in the marketplace for the average guy like me. So I decided to design my own.

From a idea to a real product, it take time and skills, talk to us about the team behind the Man-Pack ?
The team started with just me. I drew the designs by hand with pencil and eraser, and there was a lot of erasing before I got the design right. At first, it was hard to get people on board, but the more I refined my idea, and turned it into something concrete. The easier it was for people to see the potential. Not everyone has vision and imagination. I had to turn my vision and imagination into something that was tangible to get people to work with me. The company still consist primarily of me, but as I’ve come along, others have signed on and have become part of the Man-Pack team to include a design and prototyping company in Deleware, USA, a patent attorney, an exporter, and a factory. They are all part of the team because they are all part of the process, and we have a pretty good team. I’m even getting calls and emails from people interested in becoming part of the team since I started the kickstarter campaign.

What’s the man-pack ? What are are its key characteristics ?
The Man-Pack is a sling style vertical messenger bag designed with style and utility. It can be worn three different ways and has a bunch of great features to organize the modern male. It’s designed too fit standard 8”x11” notebooks and files, Ipads kindles and tablet sized PCs. There are also multiple interior and exterior pockets for things like your cell phone, wallet, pocket knives, really anything that a guy carries. There is even a collapsible beverage pocket. The strap is designed to be ergonomic. The weight stays over your lower back, and the strap is a full 3 inches wide to dispense the contact area. These features make the weight hang vertically over your spine and the width of the strap keeps it from cutting into your neck even when the bag is fully weighted. The new Man-Pack Classic 2.0 has additional and enhanced features including:

. A cell phone pocket that measures 3”x5” so it will even fit the google galaxy phone.

. Molle webbing on the strap to secure carabiners, tactical gear, or a pair of sunglasses.

. A new interior pocket layout with larger and repositioned pockets for better accessability.

. An oversized exterior pocket.

. And more discrete branding.
I designed the Man-Pack Classic to be just that… Classic. It has a retro 1930’s-1940’s era look with a 21st century design and features. I really like that Era. The way people dressed, the way they interacted, and the incredible spirit exemplified around the world during that era.

Who is the man-pack made for ? Who is your target ?adults, teenagers, suits and ties going to the office, … Surfers, snowboarders, …
The Man-Pack has been designed to accommodate males between the ages of 16-55. At first I thought of a specific lifestyle demographic that I would target, but through experience I have found that the applications span across many different demographics. Even gender. There are many women who see the utility in the product and buy it despite the fact it’s designed for men.

If I could give you a demographic I would, but I have sold these to bicycle and motorcycle riders who like the fact that they can access it without taking it off, to techies who like the size for their tablets, to high school students, to college students, and even diabetics who need to carry their supplies. And it is men as well as women. It is amazing to see all the walks of life that see the value in the product.

When do you use your man-pack ?
I use my Man-Pack every day. If I have to carry stuff (which I always do, either for myself, my job, or my children), the Man-Pack is on my back. I unpack and repack it with what I need for any given day. One day I may be hunting, the next at the office, the next traveling, or at an amusement park. The fact is that guys (and girls) need to carry stuff. The Man-Pack provides a functional and stylish alternative to the traditional messenger bag. It’s been described as “urban tactical” because of the tactical features that blend in with the urban design. Or military and law enforcement, this is invaluable. They want to blend in. When I carry the Man-Pack, I’m always prepared and that is important to me.

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More about the Man-Pack
. Follow @manpack1
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Too much money in your pocket or just enough to help someone’s dream come to true ?

12 Apr

3e74e22c256b6d26b8d92f5a0583bd83_largeSome days ago I backed my first project on Kickstarter “The Thermodo“, then I started to browse the projects and I discovered “the Crabby Wallet, a minimalist wallet that holds everything you need and nothing more”.
The project was 100% funded in 24 hours!

I decided to check out a little deeper how the Crowdfunding works and also to interview Ryan Crabtree who presented his first project on Kickstarter some days ago.

Before going further, here are the keywords to better understand the Crowfunding.
“A Project is funded when the Backers support it financially and the Goal is reached before the Deadline is up”.
. The Project, is a product/service/idea presented to an audience in order to be funded.
. The Backers are the people who believe in the project and invest some money in it.
. When the Deadline is up, the Project will exist for good if 100% founded.

Now that we are all up to speed, let’s discuss with Ryan Crabtree, the inventor of the Crabby Wallet.
Photo 7-04-13 6 37 24 PM1. How did the adventure of the Crabby wallet started?
It started during a softball season. I really wanted a way to bundle my phone, keys, and wallet together. I always carry these 3 things, as do most people, but sometimes they become inconvenient during sports and recreation. I am active outdoors and really wanted my wallet to be small and hold only the essentials.

Tell us about the concept, how many prototypes before the Crabby wallet, any upgrade for the future?
There were probably about 10+ different prototypes. I really was sewing a new wallet every night for a couple weeks. The wallet really evolved as I used it and made tweaks to it. I sent it out to other people to test and give feedback too. The keyring loop moved positions, lengths, material many times before it became what it is today, as well as the phone strap. Every part of the wallet was changed at some time or another during the process.

2. How long did you worked on your project before launching your Kickstarer page?
I started the project early fall of 2012. I spent a couple months creating wallets for myself and others before I played around with the idea of posting it on kickstarter. I spend the next few months doing some heavy analyzing of successful kicksstarter projects. I began to recognize what was essential in a successful Kickstarter project. During this time, I started contacting manufacturers to help me create some prototypes that could be mass produced. They also helped me get my logo onto the wallet which I was unable to do on my own. I didn’t have the equipment to do this. After realizing my wallet was a good fit for a kickstarter project, I then spent about two months putting together the project page and video. It seems like a simple task to do this, but It really took a lot of time to make everything look the way I wanted it to. I have to give my wife credit for a great video, she helped me out with a lot on that.

3. How did you get the idea to use the crowd funding ? Why did you decided to reach out to crowd founding?
My brother introduced me to kickstarter. He showed me some really cool projects that I was interested in. One of the projects, The Gliff, had already ended, but we were really intrigued by the process these guys went through to get their product on the market. From that point forward I thought about how some of my previous personal project could have been a good fit for kickstarter. After making some of the first prototypes of the wallet, and saw that other people liked them, I really began to consider kickstarter as a way to make the project a reality. It was a way that I could get funds to have a manufacturer make them.

4. Your project was funded in 24 hours. What are the next steps now?
My days have been full of responding to backers questions and making sure everything is lined up to reward my backers pledges n June. I spend a lot of my day communicating details and deadlines with the manufacturer, prepping for fulfillment, and even exploring the future of the Crabby Wallet sales and companion products.

Physical vs online distribution?
I Initially thought I would strictly have online distribution after the project ends on Kickstarter, but a lot of opportunities are opening up as the project gets more successful. The future of the Crabby Wallet is changing everyday.

5. Do you have other projects?
I have a whole book of ideas that has been years in the making and a lot of personal prototypes of different project that I use for myself . I hope that the Crabby Wallet isn’t a one hit wonder. I really hope to implement some of my other ideas and concepts to benefit other people too.

Still 20 days to go before the Crabby Wallet will exist for good and will be shipped July, I’m all excited to receive mine …

If you didn’t backed the Crabby Wallet yet, you still have time to do it but be fast clock is ticking.
The Crabby Wallet on Kickstarter

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