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Remote your life

16 Mar

If your iPhone is never far away from you hand and you have at least one finger available to push a virtual Photo 9-03-13 5 09 05 PMbutton, then you qualify to use the Wemo switch by Belkin!

The Wemo switch is a device that you simply plug into your home outlet.
Whatever home electronic you have, you will plug on top of it and it will be toggled off and on through your iPhone, iPad or iPodTouch (iOS 4.3). Pretty handy!

Now, think hard about what you would like to use you switch for. Turning on/off, a curtain, a lamp, a heater, a fan, … ?
Photo 9-03-13 5 47 13 PM

I decided to give a try and bought a first switch, I want to use it for our entry lamp up the stairs.

There’s no much in the box but the switch and a nice “welcome to Wemo” note.

Photo 9-03-13 5 56 17 PM
Let’s look at the switch, it’s quite big and thick. There are 2 buttons, one facing you (the manual on and off) and one facing up (if you need to reset the switch).

A little light on the face will tell you what’s going on in your switch.Photo 9-03-13 5 57 41 PM (HDR)
. Blinking orange-blue, awaiting instructions
. Flashing blue, starting up. Let it work
. Blinking orange, no connection
. Solid orange, poor connection bring it closer to your wifi network
. Solid blue, all fine, let’s play

Making it work is super easy
. Plug the switch in the outlet
. Download the free Wemo app on the iTunes Store

Open the app on your iPhone and follow the instructions
. Go to your phone “Settings” and “Wifi” and choose the “Wemo-xxx” network
. Go back to the Wemo app
. The Wemo App, will ask you to select your wifi network and enter the password
. The Wemo switch will then connect itself to your wifi network
. You’ll have the possibility to customize your switch icone, I took the picture of my lamp

Photo 8-03-13 7 17 56 PM Photo 8-03-13 7 20 05 PM Photo 8-03-13 7 19 57 PM
Photo 8-03-13 7 20 44 PM Photo 8-03-13 7 20 53 PM Photo 9-03-13 6 53 32 PM

So now that all is set, time to play! From your couch you have the control! I love it.

Basically your switch works with your wifi network and your phone is the remote that uses whatever network available (3G or wifi) to interact with the switch.

Photo 11-03-13 12 47 01 PMThe great thing is that you can add as many switches as you want! You can personalize each switch with a little picture or regular/standard icone.

ChaseIt or BChased ?
ChaseIt because
. it’s a great product that will easy your daily life
. it’s not an expensive device and it comes with a 2-years garantee
. you can link as many switch as you want
. you can push it further with the IFTTT (IF This Then That)

If you are concerned about the electricity consumption, the Wemo plug uses less than 1,5 watts (less than a clock radio).

More infos on
. The Belkin Wemo official website
. Follow @Belkinwemo
. The IFTTT website with its 59 channels so far

How to optimize your iPhone settings to spare your battery ?

10 Mar

Who doesn’t need battery when you own an iPhone? I spend lots of time on my phone and I can’t go through the day without looking desperately for a plug at least once or twice a day …

The easiest thing to do is to optimise the settings of your iphone
1/ Close the non-necessary apps (running in the background and wasting power). I didn’t know there were using power, I only thought they were taking space in the cache.

2013-02-13 20.02.10 20130214-111938.jpg
  • Double tap the home button the bottom bar appears with all the working in the background apps
  • Touch one of the apps and waiting for it to move and have
  • Tap the “one way” panel, and it will shut down the app

2/ Turn off wifi and Bluetooth options

20130214-083433.jpg 2013-03-07 18.50.21
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Turn off Bluetooth and wifi options

3/ Turn on the auto brightness

20130214-083433.jpg image
  • Go to “Settings”
  • And set the toggle to “On”

4/ Turn off notifications

2013-03-07 18.58.55 2013-03-07 18.59.24 2013-03-07 19.02.22
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Tap “Notifications”
  • And select the apps that can send you the notifications

5/ Turn off vibration, led and flash

2013-02-12 20.57.53
  • To turn off the vibration
  • Go to “Settings”, “Sounds” and turn off “Vibrate on Ring” and “Vibrate on Silent”
  • To turn off the led
  • Go to “Settings”, “General”, “Accessibility” then turn off the toggle to off for “Led Flash for Alert”

6/ Turn off the location services

2013-03-07 18.58.55 2013-02-12 21.08.00 image
  • Go to “Settings”, “Privacy”, and turn it off

If you still can’t go through the day and you don’t find plugs, I still have a trick (external batteries: Mophie, Just Mobile or … way cooler the Goal Zero!)

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