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Brighten my day … And my pictures

5 Mar

Photo 4-03-2015 8 45 33 pmDid you know that you can adjust the light WHILE taking a picture on your iPhone ?

Yes, you can and I didn’t know it.
My good friend @mamadougsakho tipped me off yesterday and I want to share it with you because it’s really useful.
Go to the camera mode
. When the iPhone is idle, touch the home button and lift the camera icon from the bottom right to the top to reveal the camera mode
. Or walk your way through you iPhone to switch the camera on
In the camera mode, aim at your subject and
. Focus on the subject, by tapping the subject, a yellow square will appear and the subject will be sharper
. Optimize the light (brighter or darker), aim at the subject and tap it, leave you finger on it and see a little sun appearing. Then slide up and down to brighten or to darken the picture
Photo 4-03-2015 8 46 02 pm Photo 4-03-2015 8 46 28 pm Photo 4-03-2015 8 46 52 pm
Can’t be easier.

Breaking news, I chased a great deal for you!

4 Mar

You want to test the Polagram app and send some pictures to mom, BFF or to yourself? Then use the promotional code “CHASEITOR” and get 25% OFF when checking out.

It’s valid
. worldwide
. on any Polagram products
. until March 8th!!

Do you still want my picture? Part2

3 Mar

PolagramI already introduced you to Polagram, the app to print your beautiful pictures on paper, stickers, iPhone cases, …

Now, I’m testing it and decided to go for the PolaSticks and the PolaStyle.

The PolaSticks.
PolagramBasically, I’m seduced by the fact that Polagram will print my pictures on high quality re positionable stickers.Polagram
I’m able to stick and re-stick them on any slick surfaces (windows, fridge, back of the drawers and shelves, …) without destroying the material.
It’s perfect for the office and home! And I’m sure my nephews will love it. Better than magnets!

The hardest part was to chose 9 of my best shots.
My pictures come from my “Camera roll“.
Then, when my selection is completed, I simply followed the path to ordering and delivering.

Then I started to chase the mailman for my PolaSticks. I didn’t know what to expect. Thin or thick ? Durability ? Stick and re stick 2 times and then no more ?

Then I received my pink envelop and was surprised by the super thin stickers.

And I started to stick, un stick, re stick, un stick … Until I found the right spot, took me a full day.
The stickers are super resistant and keep the material clean as promised.

It’s really a cool product and since then I ordered another set of 9 PolaSticks with family and holidays pictures

Photo 18-02-2014 13 15 54_redo Photo 18-02-2014 13 19 05_redo Photo 18-02-2014 13 18 54_redo

Then I wanted to send some souvenir pictures to a friend living down under in Australia.
I decided to go for the “PolaStyle” and to have it delivered straight to my friend’s mailbox in Melbourne.
Same process here too,
. selection from my Camera roll, but also from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and this is neat,
. edit/crop if needed,
. add a personal message,
. then fill in the address of my friend, pay using PayPal or bank cards and without more ado, the prints are in their way (delivery the next day)!
I already sent another set of pictures to Belgium.

I’m now a regular customer of Polagram!

You want to test the app and send some pictures to mom, BFF or to yourself? Then I advise you use the promotional code “CHASEITOR” and get 25% OFF when checking out (valid worldwide on any Polagram products, until March 8th)!
Photo 24-02-2014 6 53 48 pm
More info
. Download Polagram on the iTunes app
. Twitter @Polagram
. Instagram Polagram

Let’s be friends and connect

28 Feb

Twitter @chaseitorbchase
Instagram @chaseitorbchased

Happy Friday!


Share it!

27 Dec

Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, dropbox … name it, you got it! But did you try the easiest way ever to share privately pictures with the photo stream ? My mom can do it, so can you !
You should try too because
1. It’s easy
2. It doesn’t require you to open an account
3. You invite who you want (as many persons as you want, you can taylor-made the stream to selected guests)
4. Your guests can download easy your pictures on their iPhone or iPad (easier than on Flickr, no app required as with the Dropbox)
5. It’s free (no subscription like on Flickr, no extra Gb to buy for your dropbox)

So how the it work and what do you need ?
0. You need and iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iOS6
1. Go to your Photos
2. Touch the “Photos stream” icone on the bottom of the page
3. Touch the “+” on the left side of the page
4. Select from your address book the persons you want to share the pictures with. Give a name to your stream and decide if you want to have it public or just for your happy few guests. The touch “create” button on the top right of your screen. Your guests will receive a mail inviting them to view your stream.
5. You are now in your new photo stream called “ChaseItOrBChased”.
6. To add pictures to your stream, touch the “edit” button and select pictures from your photo roll, then touch “add”.
7. The pictures are added to your stream and ready to be seen by your guests.

And voila !

20121227-175327.jpg 20121227-175338.jpg 20121227-175349.jpg
20121227-175357.jpg 20121227-175407.jpg 20121227-175417.jpg
20121227-175426.jpg 20121227-175433.jpg 20121227-175439.jpg
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