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It’s all about the bubble, welcome to Chatime Paris!

30 Apr

Chatime ParisWelcome to Chatime Paris!

The famous Taiwanese brand just arrived in Paris and opens its first bubble tea bar in the capital end of April.
I was lucky to meet with the Parisian and Taiwanese team who explained me the mystery of the bubble tea.
First, the tea is important.
Choose from green tea, roasted tea, oolong, jasmin green tea or genmaisha.
Be aware that all teas are infused in house and closely monitored to stay fresh (a tea conserved too long will become bitter).
Then select between juice or powder.
And be sure to  adjust the
  • sugar level (100%, 80%, 50%, 30% or no sugars)
  • And the ice quantity
Chatime ParisAnd definitively, don’t forget to add  the toppings
  • The boba or the tapioca pearls
  • The jelly (coconut, mixed, aloe vera  or grass)
  • Or the pudding 
Then be patient, get the famous purple straw from Chatime and you are ready to go!Chatime Paris
My best addresses around the world are the following
In Melbourne, Australia 
In New York, USA 
In Miami, USA 
In London, UK
And now Paris, France
Thanks to Mark, Aldon and  Chatime Paris for their help shooting and writing this review.
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Worldwide invasion!

21 Oct

Iconic figures of the video games in the 80s, the Space Invaders are still present in our lives. If you look around, you’ll find them everywhere in cities around the world (they have been traced in Paris, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, Geneve, Berlin, Melbourne, Istanbul, Bangkok, Vienna, … and even Katmandu).
Since August, I started to notice handmade Space Invaders made with post it at office’s windows in Paris… Open your eyes, they are well hidden but you can find them. Don’t hesitate to share your photos with us.

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Space Invaders around the world

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