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iOS7, walk with me, part2

19 Sep

Let’s continue to explore the basics of iOS7.
Search my iPhone
2013-09-19 10.50.16Looking for the search my iPhone ? I use this a lot when I need to call or text someone or when I don’t want to look for an app in my folders.
Swipe down from the middle of the screen to the bottom and the screen pops up your home screen.
Nothing changed there.

Multitasking 2013-09-19 17.31.02
The multitasking is there too but slightly upgraded. You’ll see the running apps as usual but also a preview of the page which is useful.

2013-09-19 09.43.21Stills available from the locked screen.
The camera now is provided with a square mode (great for Instagram, you will not have to crop your pictures any more) and some filters effects that you can test and apply before taking the picture (only available to iPhone 4s and up).
You can finally zoom while recording videos and this is great!
Sharing experience is upgraded too with the airdrop. Layout changed but we’ll get used to it.

2013-09-19 13.03.48 2013-09-19 13.03.58 2013-09-19 13.19.58

The gestures
With a new iOS come new gestures.
You want to kill and app that is working in the background?
Double-click the home button as usual and hold the page of the app you want to close and slide it up.
When in Safari, swipe horizontally to browse through the opened pages.

2013-09-19 13.36.26 2013-09-19 14.31.22 2013-09-19 14.30.58

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