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Got light ?

19 Aug

Always looking for your keys in your bag when you arrive home after an long day of work ? Need light to get to the next switch or simply to avoid tripping on roots while coming back after a 18 holes ? And you don’t want to carry something too heavy ?

Search no more, Niteize got you covered with the Inova Microlight.

The Inova Microlight is small, bright and can be seen up to 1 mile away!

It’s also a small light with 4 functions: high/low power, strobe or signal mode.

All this for a small price too: 7,99$

PS: in high mode, the light output is 6 lumens (1 in low mode), 10 hours run time (22 hours in low mode) and water resistant.

You can buy it on NiteIze.com, I bought my at Paragon Sports

Tie that thing down !

30 Nov

You’re tired to have to untangle the earphones of your iPhone, your charger of  your Blackberry, the iPhone cable ?
I got the solution!
I mean not me but the guys from Niteize do !
They invented the GearTie, a sweet reusable rubber twist tie (as it’s written on the carton board coming with it).

Available in 6 sizes and 8 colors (Black, Blue, Lime, Silver, Forest Green, Pink, Red, Yellow, Purple, Desert Tan, Foliage Green, Coyote Brown, Dark Navy Blue, Bright Orange).
The use of those tie is unlimited and they can resist UV, water, salt water. You can use them indoor as well as outdoor.
The price is sweet too

  • $4,49 for the 3″ 2 pack
  • $4,49 for the 6″ 2 pack
  • $5,59 for the 12″ 2 pack
  • $5,99 for the 18″ 2 pack
  • $6,49 for the 24″ 2 pack
  • $7,40 for the 32″ 2 pack

More infos on
Niteize Gear Tie website
Check the S-binner ChaseIt Or BChased review, another innovative product from Niteize

Keep shoplifters away from your bag! As easy as 1,2,3 !

2 Nov

3 tips to optimize the use of your S-biner in your daily live.
ONE, I use it to tie my bag, so nobody but me can put their hands inside of it…
TWO, I like to secure my bag to my chair while drinking a rootbeer at a terrasse …
THREE, I don’t like to carry around my Klean Kanteen so I hook it up to my bag so I can keep texting my friends …


17 Oct

Why should you use an S-biner ?
That’s a great question. First let me explain what it is and what is the difference between an S-biner and a regular karabiner.
The karabiner is shaped as an S, maybe that’s why it’s called an S-biner (don’t know what biner stands for though …). Compared to a regular karabiner, you get a double-gated design which is very practical. The S-biner comes in different sizes, materials (stainless steel, glass filled nylon meaning plastic) and colors to match your needs and purse color.

The ones I use are the #0,#2, #3 and also the #5. I also discovered the Ahhh, a bottle opener that married a double-gated karabiner.

    • I use the #0 to hold keys, mini-sharpies …
    • The #2 is for tying my purse to my chair while at a restaurant, or to clip my bottle of water to my messenger bag (up to 4,5kgs)
    • The #3 holds my Klean Kanteen bottle. It supports weight, up to 11kgs !!
    • The Ahhh has the same ability to bind stuff together but it’s also a bottle opener in case you need one while on the move … you never know!

ChaseIt or BeChased ?

ChaseIt because it’s really small, easy to use, it will bring color in your work life as well as in your personal activities and it will fit all your needs (I use mines as keyholder, to secure my bag when I take the metro to avoid shoplifting, to carry my bottle of water tied to my bag, …). Also, the price isn’t excessive. It starts at 2,19$ for the #0; 1,69$ for #2; 2,99$ for the #3 and 3,99$ for the Ahhh.
More infos on

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