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Sweat it out

15 Apr

Wearing an hat, a visor or an helmet while practicing your favorite sport? Or simply sweating because it’s too hot out there?

NoSweat protects you from the white mark of sweat but also avoid the sweat to trickle down you forehead straight to the eyes!

There are 4 models of disposable liners:

  • hat liner,
  • visor liner,
  • helmet liner
  • and hard hat liner,

Only the width and shapes are different, but the system is the same with the same objectives:

  • wick the sweat away from the skin,
  • keep the sweat out of the eyes
  • and reduce the sweat stains on your hat

To do so, just peel, place and stick the liner to the cap and start enjoying your sweat-less activities. When fully saturated with sweat, dispose it.

It’s cheap, effective, easy to use and it’s 100% made in America. It’s also the best way to keep you favorite cap clean …

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Stop the noise …

21 Dec


Stop the noise of  your keys dangling together with Key-Bar!

I was already in when the Orbitkey was released

Recently, I discovered the Key-Bar and it echoed in me.

Rugged, versatile and looking very cool!

I have one key. The key to my kingdom (my home), and it’s always a mess to find it in my bag .

Now, I safely tuck it in his beautiful “flag” KeyBars titane/aluminium shell and my key is safe, not making any noise and seriously looking cool.

The no-noise policy comes at a price though $50 to $85 plus add-ons like

  • pocket clip, $6Photo Dec 16, 1 59 42 PM
  • titanium comb, $10
  • bottle opener, $10
  • quick key tab, $5
  • toothepick and tweezers kit, $15
  • flash drive, $9 -$23
  • spare key fob link, $1,50
  • extension screws, $5
  • hardware set, $5
  • keyrabiner, $10

More info on Key-Bars

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