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My keyboard is blue …

9 Apr

I’m back at the office with real colleagues, a desk, a badge, … the whole shebang.

I’m flying light and my weapons of choice are the iPhone, iPad, airPods, a rite in the rain notebook and a space pen.

It was time for me to upgrade to a keyboard … a bluetooth keyboard that I could use to type as fast as light on my iPhone and iPad.

And at the end, there was ONE … the K480 bluetooth keyboard by Logitech.

The K480 allows the connections of up to 3 bluetooth devices.

Let’s unpack the “beast”.

There’s 2 colors to chose from: black or white with a lime trim.

I went for black, it looks more “serious” (don’t want to stress my new colleagues).

The yellow area is intended to be used as a stand for the cell phone or tablet.
I guess it depends on the cover protecting your devices … mines are too thick so I prefer to use it to store my pen or my airPods buds …

The connection between the keyboard and the bluetooth devices couldn’t be easier.

Just keep pushing the bluetooth button and look for the keyboard in the “bluetooth devices” list proposed on your phone and tablet.
You just connected your first device!

Then turn the dial ring to 2 and connect your second device.

You can even connect your computer.
I don’t have one so 2 devices will do.

The keyboard is cool and right now I’m learning its shortcuts … all different depending if you are connected to the phone or tablet and depending on the app you are in … it takes a bit of time to get used to it, but it’s cool.

Switch from one device to another by turning the wheel.

Then the virtual keyboard disappear from the screen of your device and the keyboard is the lead.
You still need your fingers to tap on the screen where you need to start writing.

The autonomy of the keyboard is supposed to last up to 2 years on 2 AA batteries.
There’s a button on the back of the keyboard to switch it on and off.

It’s is worth it’s $29?

Yes, because

1/ it rests my wrists, and gives a break to my thumbs

2/ it’s easy to use and it’s efficient
3/ it’s made for the office and not on the go (it’s too heavy and there’s no keyboard protection)

More info on

Harmony is in the air!

13 Jan

Logitech Harmony TouchHow many remotes do you use daily at home ?
One for the TV, one for the satellite, one for the DVD player, on for the home cinema, …
Ok let’s say at least 4, and it’s way too much!
We need a extra table just to put them on and we never know which one to pick.

Of course, Universal remotes exist for a long time but Logitech brings it further with the Harmony Touch remote!

Before Universal remotes were difficult to program
. you had to find codes for your TV, VCR, DVD play, …
. then tap keys in a specific orders, …
. a little bit of a pain with no guarantee that it would work … But that’s over.

Now, what you need is a computer (Mac or PC), then
. you link the Harmony Touch to your computer,
. and follow the steps on the site myharmony.com
. take the booklet, and write down the number for each of your devices
Then go back to the computer with those precious infos and follow the step by step on the screen, can’t be easier! Synchronize your remote and you are all set!

With the Harmony touch you can do much more than switching channels and volume, you can create “Activities“.

An Activity is a combination of actions you replace by one imagetap on your remote control touch screen.
For example, when I tap on the Activity called “Watch TV“, the remote switches the TV on, the satellite on and also my sound bar on.
With one tap, 3 devices on! This is clever!

When I tap Activity called “Bluetooth“, my soundbar switches to pairing mode and I can connect my iPhone to listen to my music.
The Activity called “AppleTV” will switch the tv on, switch to HDM3 and switch the AppleTV on. Can’t be more useful!

Photo 12-01-2014 18 02 29 image

The touch screen gives access to my favourite channels (up to 50), just scroll them down to select the one you want to watch.


Want to turn the volume down ? But don’t want to tap the volume down key ? Just slide down on the touch screen while in the gesture screen (up to 11 gestures are supported).

With the Harmony Touch, you can control up to 15 devices. It’s compatible with more than 225.000 devices.

PS: Charging your remote is easy with its remote cradle.

More infos
. Logitech Universal remotes website
. Follow @logitech

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