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It won’t be lost for everyone !

19 May

If like my friend, let’s call him Kiki to preserve his honor an the one of his family 😉 you got mugged in a bar by a girl who stole your iPhone 4s that you stupidly placed on the table … Don’t panic.
Here are the 3 steps you MUST follow to find you phone or at least have it’s content back on your next iPhone …

1. You NEED to activate the “Find my Phone” option
Go to “Settings”/ “iCloud” and turn on the toggle “Find my phone
While you in the iCloud menu, please consider turning on the iCloud backup.
The backup will be done automatically while wifi- connected, this will ensure that if you lose, break your iPhone, … You’ll just have to enter your iCloud ID and password and your content will be reinstall on your new iPhone.

Photo 14-05-2014 9 18 34 am Photo 14-05-2014 9 18 46 am

2. When the girl is running away with your phone, faster than you, use a friend’s iPhone, iPad or random computer. Log in on the page iCloud.com and type ID/password and go to the Locate my phone page … And you will be able to track it down, give it’s location to the police, send message on the screen, an alarm tone and even erase its content!

Photo 15-05-2014 8 44 56 am Photo 15-05-2014 8 45 12 am

3. Last step, if you really can’t find your phone, call your mobile operator and have it blocked …

Now, you know what to do and for your info our Kiki just bought a brand new iPhone 5s!

PS: I used the locate my phone once when my iPhone fall in the grass while leaving a taxi, I would never ever found it without this tracking option.

Where are you ??

16 Sep

Ever been waiting for ages for a friend who couldn’t find its way to the restaurant ?

Been there, done that!

Here’s what will change your world, the localisation option on What’s App.
Just click the arrow on the left bottom and “Share your location” with your friend. Your friend will receive then a map.
When your friend clicks on the link, it opens GoogleMaps and you are all set to be guided vocally by the GPS to your destination.

Play with it, it’s fun and works very well.

image image image
image image

PS: of course, you’ll need to download the free apps What’s App and GoogleMaps.

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