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Cover up!

26 Apr

Photo 25-04-13 10 42 36 PMImpact and liquid are the silent killers of any cell phone.

Check the top5 of accidental damages to cell phones

  • Fell out of my hand
  • Fell into liquid (toilet, pool, sink, …)
  • Fell out of my lap
  • Fell off a table
  • Liquid spilled on it (I still remember my friend who tried to drown my iPhone with red wine during a diner…)

1st thing to protect is the screen. Mine is now protected (with Zagg EXTREME).

Let’s move to the next mission: to find the best case matching my style and protecting my beloved iPhone 5.

I decided to go for
1/ The Griffin Reveal case I found in the Apple store (I was desperate and was scared to drop my phone, I needed a protection but didn’t have many choices). Photo 24-02-13 6 59 38 PM (HDR)I picked the white one (prices at 19,99$), it’s a temporary one until I get my cases below.
After 3 weeks of intense usage, I’m disappointed by the quality of this cover. It’s a light, sleek cover that fits in my pocket (and that’s a plus) but the white of the bumper turned grey (I don’t work in the mine and I wash my hands …) and the see-trough back is scratched … It looks bad and doesn’t match the style of the iPhone 5. You have been warned.
Also if you use the “lightning to 30-pin adapter”, you will have to take the cover off the case to charge, I don’t like it.

Photo 24-02-13 6 54 02 PM

2/ The Otterbox Prefix series, easy and simple single silicon shell (24,99$). The Prefix is a simple silicone case with an interiorpolycarbonate skeleton. The case comes with a screen protection (thank you Otterbox). I would have liked more colour choices but I’m happy with the green and there’s black if you are more into conventional colours;-)

Regarding the “lightning to 30-pin adapter”, no problem to charge with the Prefix on.
It’s a good strong case which will support heavy usage of your phone. Only downside is the fact that the polycarbonate skeleton makes it quite tricky to put it on and off, but that’s why I bought it … to protect my phone, and when you are used to handle the cover, it’s no issue.

3/ The Rokform, 2 protections in one (with or without the silicon bumper), and it’s coloured grips. I like the silicon grip that “sticks” naturally to whatever surface and can match the colour of your polo … Priced at 39$, you don’t have the choice between lots of colors yet but the case protects your phone with a different more open style.
If you don’t put the silicone bumper, you’ll be able to charge with the lightning to 30-pin adapter. With the bumper on, you have to use the lightning pin.
Lots of accessories are in option and will allow you to customize your experience (that’s a plus)
. a magnet hidden behind the grip to stick your phone on a fridge or on a metal board
. a “remote mounting system” to glue your iPhone on the dashboard of your car (when you use GoogleMaps as a GPS f.e.)
… Handy and clever.

Photo 24-04-13 8 01 09 PM (HDR)  Photo 25-04-13 9 58 11 AM Photo 24-04-13 8 08 24 PM

4/ The Lifeproof, ready for vacation involving sand and pool games or just heavy duty !
Photo 15-03-13 3 37 11 PM (HDR)The case comes in 2 parts: the recto and the verso + the headphone jack cover.
To put the case on your iPhone, clip together the 2 faces and close well the charge port door and off you go!
The case keeps the slick aspect of the iPhone 5, and I like it.
The plastic of the cover is light.
The screen is protected by a plastic screen so no need for a screen shield on top of the cover.

To remove the cover just insert a coin in the bottom slid to pop it open (don’t forget to open the c

lifeproof in a fish tank

harge door as well as to unscrew the headphone jack cover).

I tested it under the shower but it’s difficult to type with water on the screen … I need to practice maybe. I also drown my iPhone in the fish tank and and took picture of our office fish  and all was fine.

The Lifeproof case comes now in 5 different colors (so far only available in the US). Priced at 79,99$, it’s the most expensive case tested but it’s really worth it if you are in a dirty, dusty, sandy, wet environment and want to keep using your phone.

I like and recommend the Otterbox (plain and simple protection), Rokform (great protection with accessories) and Lifeproof (great in heavy conditions, and cool to be able to take pictures in the pool).

In brief, when you want to choose a cover, consider the following before hunting down the right one for your needs.
. How do you use your phone ?
. What do you link it to ? Speakers, headphones, 30-pin adaptor …
. The size of the jack of your headphones. It’s thicker from one brand to another and sometimes doesn’t fit the hole in your cover.
. The thickness of the cover is important too, it must be thicker than the phone to protect it’s screen. Seems logic but lots of cases are slimmer, looking good but not really effective.

And if like my mom you dropped your phone in the toilet and you didn’t had your Lifeproof on, you can still save it with the Thirsty bag.

And if you really don’t like the idea of a cover for your cell. Then get an insurance

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