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My 2017 xmas list

4 Dec

It’s that period of the year again! Time to dress the Christmas tree, drink dairy free eggnog and make THE list … momma you are on!

  1. I’m into jerky big time! Love the Three Jerks Jerky, Dick Stevens jerky, Chef Cut … but I would like to make my own … I need a dehydrator not a smoker (you don’t get the right temperature). My buds at Fleishers (Fleishers Craft Butchery) advised me to get a Cabela’s dehydrator. Let’s go for the 10-tray Deluxe at $199
  2. I’m moving to NYC next January, at the peak of the winter season and coming from Florida it will be a thermal shock!! To be prepared I need the Shelburne Parka from Canada Goose ($950)
  3. Back at the office with a real desk, colleagues, coffee machine, … I need to stay active and avoid back pain with a stand up desk. The Focal Upright Locus bundle is for me ($1,969)
  4. The Pyramid 25th year anniversary edition, you know the Vans that glows in the dark!
  5. What about a Velosolution pumptrack in the backyard? I don’t have the backyard yet, so meanwhile, I’ll visit the pumtrack in Brooklyn but keep it in mind for later …
  6. What do you need in your gloves box? What’s missing home? The Survival Axe Elite of course! It’s a 30 tools in one which will help you break a windows, hammer a nail, open a can, cut the seat belt in the car … and even a blade … for only $65 (exists in 2 colors army green or black/gold).
  7. With all my urban adventures, I need my beauty sleep. To count faster the sheep, I need the SHEEX LUXURY COPPER™ features ultra-soft PRO+IONIC™ bedsheet. Those are breathable, moisture-wicking sheets to keep me cool, dry and comfortable while I’m sleeping. Cherry on the cake, be aware that the copper releases ions that may decrease oxidants in the body ($209,99 for the queen size).

Wishing you an happy holidays!

Let’s smoke it and eat it!

4 Jun

Today, we’ll try to understand the mystery and benefits of jerky on your health as well as the specificities of Ostrim Jerky.

36093cfDan Zangaro, Marketing and Sales Director at Ostrim kindly answered my questions.

. How did you start with jerky ?
The President of our company originally had an ostrich farm in Greensburg (PA) back in the early 90’s and was selling Ostrich steaks to some of the higher end restaurants in the area.
In 1995, Dave Hawk Sr., professional bodybuilder (Mr. USA and Mr. World) visited with our President because of the health attributes of Ostrich meat and wanted to try some. Dave had so


me connections with GNC and had discussed the idea of making meat sticks using the ostrich meat and selling them to GNC as a healthy snack. That is how it all started.

. Can you describe the process to produce the jerky ?
Selection of the meat, smoking, …
We only use USDA certified natural meat and buy the leanest we can get, usually 93-95% lean.

. What’s the link between the jerky and sport ? Why is it good for an athlete (and of course, for us, running slower) ?
Our products are unlike your traditional meat snacks because we use premium meat, and we also have less then half the sodium of other meat snacks.
Traditional meat snacks are loaded with sodium and fillers, where ours are not.
Our newest products (Beef/Elk Stick and the Turkey Sticks) are all natural and all future product we make will also be all natural.
Ostrim-Natural-Turkey-Snack-Stick-Applewood-613911110036Our original line of the Beef/Ostrich sticks are not considered natural since we added Sodium Nitrite to it in 1996. Currently there is 0.001% of sodium nitrite in these sticks and in the next year we will be removing that ingredient so that all of our products are Natural.
With our products being a great source of protein, which athletes need for muscle building and strength, and with athletes always being on-the-go, our products seem to be the perfect match for their lifestyle. 

For your information, any chocolate bar is about 400 calories, a regular sport bar about 220 calories. In comparison, a jerky stick is about  60 calories … (ed.)

. You are mixing different meats together, are you the only brand to do it ? What does it bring extra to the product ? 
I do not know of any other brands that do this.

Ostrim-Natural-Beef-And-Elk-Snack-Stick-Sweet-And-Spicy-613911120042We blend them together for different reasons:
.. Makes us unique
.. Helps with cost (if we made an all-ostrich stick, it would be too expensive to sell to the consumer as ostrich extremely expensive compared to beef)
.. Helps to boost the protein and lower the fat (ostrich is very lean)

. What’s the range of products you offer ? 
. Beef/Ostrich Sticksimages
. Beef/Elk Sticks
. Turkey Sticks
. and a Paleo Trail Mix (3 oz resealable pouch that includes Beef/Ostrich jerky strips, Cashews, Almonds, and Cranberries infused with Blueberry Juice)

To sum up, great intake of proteins in a natural bar with less calories than a regular snack. Great for sports activities but also when you don’t have time for lunch (ed.).

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