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Rock my cover!

29 Aug

imageDid you know you could customise your Rokform cover ?
One mouse click away and here I was on Rokform.com doing my little custo … Top, bottom, grip and bumper can be selected in lots of different colours. You can mix them to match your socks, eyewear, sports team or flag for 49$.

That’s what I just did for my 2nd cover (I already had the black/bullet gray standard cover) and decided to go Brazilian with yellow bottom and top and green grip and bumper (I’m already ready for the 2014 Soccer World Cup in Brazil;-)
Then, I went to bed and the next day I mailed Rokform to ask if I could order by the unit, I want to have different bumper colours to have more possibilities … And Britney from Rokform mailed me back asking for which colours I wanted!
I chose the white, yellow, orange and pink. Then Britney billed me on my PayPal account and here it is! Got my spare parts and I can protect and custom my cover as I want.
So if you want to buy parts of the Rokform cover, just mail them and they will make it happen!
The grip costs 5$, the bumper 9$.

image image image

PS1: Thanks Britney and Rokform.
PS2: The design of the bumper slightly changed and don’t protect the home button anymore which is better because I had to push hard on it and it didn’t like it.

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