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IOS5 and the camera

20 Oct

A promise is a promise…
So let’s talk about what the IOS5 can bring to your iPhone.
1/ The camera. You can now take a picture straight from you locked screen.

  • Double click on the home button while your iPhone is asleep. The camera button will appear next to the “unlock slide”
  • Click on the camera icone and you will have access in a click to your camera
  • The zoom is reachable by zooming with your 2 fingers on the screen
  • You can now take the picture by clicking on the volume up button

2/ The Reminders
Kind of a to do list with reminders and completed tasks. Nothing too fancy but useful.

3/ Synchronize content through all you iDevices (iPhone and iPad).

  • Go to “Settings”,
  • then go to “Store”
  • and select what you want to synchronise “music”, “books”, “apps”, …

Food for thought: when you get a notification on your locked screen, slide it and you’ll go straight to the app!!!

Next time, I’ll talk to you about the iCloud !!

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