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Ditch iPhone 4/4s for iPhone 5 ?

13 Sep

Ditch iPhone 4/4s for iPhone 5 ?
Every time a new iPhone is released, the same question haunts me “should I go for it or not ?”. I’m sure you have the same feeling …

First let’s see what it is all about.

1. The iPhone5 has an increased display: taller to see one at once, but with the same width so you can type with one hand and it’s still a great feat in your hand. Smart thinking, I like it.
2. The iPhone5 is thinnest (by 18%) and lighter (by 20%) than the iPhone4/4s.
I say, can’t hurt your pocket.
3. The iPhone5 is 2 times faster thanks to its A6 chip. It’s new chip also increase the battery life.
Faster is cool, but increase the battery life is a relief and was really an issue for the iPhone4/4s.
4. We all know that our friends at Apple decided to change the connector, now it’s a digital one (I heard about some plug that could fit the old one and the new one).
5. The camera lense is now protected by saphyre glass.

So do you need to go for it ?
Personally, I will try to wait for my old iPhone4 to die before switching it.
For the ones among us who plan to switch, go for it !

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