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iTunes TV shows with iOS7

11 Oct

Since I switched from iOS6 to iOS7, I had the disagreement to see on my iPad all the TV shows I downloaded since … forever …
I simply wanted to see the new tv shows episodes ready to be watched.
It was bugging me big time, but guess what? I just found the solution!
Go to Settings then iTunes&App Store then toggle OFF the videos and only the TV shows on your device will appear on your screen.

image image

Check the difference on those 2 screens.

image image

You can do the same for the audio too.

iOS7, walk with me, part2

19 Sep

Let’s continue to explore the basics of iOS7.
Search my iPhone
2013-09-19 10.50.16Looking for the search my iPhone ? I use this a lot when I need to call or text someone or when I don’t want to look for an app in my folders.
Swipe down from the middle of the screen to the bottom and the screen pops up your home screen.
Nothing changed there.

Multitasking 2013-09-19 17.31.02
The multitasking is there too but slightly upgraded. You’ll see the running apps as usual but also a preview of the page which is useful.

2013-09-19 09.43.21Stills available from the locked screen.
The camera now is provided with a square mode (great for Instagram, you will not have to crop your pictures any more) and some filters effects that you can test and apply before taking the picture (only available to iPhone 4s and up).
You can finally zoom while recording videos and this is great!
Sharing experience is upgraded too with the airdrop. Layout changed but we’ll get used to it.

2013-09-19 13.03.48 2013-09-19 13.03.58 2013-09-19 13.19.58

The gestures
With a new iOS come new gestures.
You want to kill and app that is working in the background?
Double-click the home button as usual and hold the page of the app you want to close and slide it up.
When in Safari, swipe horizontally to browse through the opened pages.

2013-09-19 13.36.26 2013-09-19 14.31.22 2013-09-19 14.30.58

Check out iOS7, walk with me part1

Home button gone AWOL?

23 Apr

Brocken or non-responsive home iPhones/iPads/iPods button happens a lot but when it happens to you, it’s a pain!

Not anymore, because now you will have a solution.
. Solution 1, go to Apple to have it fixed. Gonna cost you …
. Solution 2, buy a new iPhone … not cheap either or
. Solution 3, turn on the “assistive touch” … Cheap and you’ll survive until iPhone5s will be released …

The “assistive touch” is a function that has been designed to operate gestures with only one finger or a stylus instead of using 2-3-4 or 5 fingers gesture.

Among the advantages and shortcuts it brings you, it will offer you a brand new fully working virtual home button that you will be able to place wherever you want on your screen.

To set up it, go to “settings“, “general“, “accessibility” then scroll down to “assertive touch” and toggle it on.

Photo 16-04-13 23 12 24 (HDR) Photo 16-04-13 23 12 52 Photo 16-04-13 23 13 38

Now when you tap the white button, it opens a 4 icons-menu
. Siri, to start discussing with Siri
. Device, to select the following options: lock screen, rotate screen, volume up/down/mute and more
. Favourites, the favourite gestures you created
. Home, the famous home button you have issue with

Photo 15-04-13 4 43 36 PM Photo 15-04-13 4 43 52 PM Photo 15-04-13 4 43 57 PM

But let’s dig a little bit deeper to see what else the “assistive touch” can bring you.
. You can create customised gestures that you will trigger with only one finger (great when you wear gloves and only have the index available to touch the screen …)
. Here are some examples, “SwipeRight” to use to browse your pictures for example

Photo 16-04-13 11 31 36 PM Photo 16-04-13 11 31 41 PM Photo 16-04-13 11 31 59 PM
Photo 15-04-13 4 43 36 PM Photo 16-04-13 11 32 16 PM

Extra tips if you want to go further with the “assertive touch” menu
. Tap 3 secs the “Lock screen” and the “power off” screen will appear with its slide
. When I use it with my lifeproof case, the home button is a little bit hard to push and I prefer to spare it by using the virtual home button. Because I’m lazy and don’t want to go throught the “settings” menu I customized the “triple-click Home” to toggle on and off the “assistive touch“.
To do so, go to “settings”, “General”, “Accessibility”, scroll down to “Triple-click Home” and select “assistive touch”.

Photo 17-04-13 14 51 32 Photo 17-04-13 14 51 55

A problem, a question about your iPhone, iPad, don’t hesitate to write me, I’ll try to find a solution 😉

Blink my cable ?

6 Apr

I discover the Visible Green USB-Dock Connector cables online.
Photo 6-03-13 8 43 59 PM (HDR)The concept is pretty cool.
The cable uses electroluminescence to show the electrical current flowing through the cable to your iPhone/iPad.
Basically the light goes faster, slower or turns off depending on the charging level of your battery level.
The great thing is that it turns automatically the charging off when the iPhone/iPad is fully charged, sparing your portable battery or cutting down your electricity consumption … Pretty clever !

ChaseIt or BChased ?
ChaseIt because
. It’s a cool accessory, the blinking had a 100% wow effect on my colleagues.
. It will look cool next to you bed if you don’t have a night light.
. The price is 19,90$ (19$ for the regular Apple cable).

BChased because
. The cable is thicker and less flexible than the original cable provided by Apple (the led are integrated in the middle of the cable).
. The 30-pins is way thicker than the original one and won’t stick in your iPad or iPhone depending on the case you use to protect your device.
. The 30-pins to micro-USB doesn’t fit properly on the cable.

Photo 6-03-13 2 49 47 PM (HDR) Photo 6-03-13 2 48 55 PM Photo 6-03-13 2 46 43 PM

PS: breaking news, just discovered the Magic Link (price 49euros) which looks more serious cable … need to try this out …

Bookmark me!

4 Apr
Photo 4-04-13 11 30 44 AM Photo 4-04-13 11 31 22 AM

You are always reading the same site and its a pain to use the bookmarks list, too much scrolling down, too many bookmarks ?
Did you try to add it to your home screen on your iPhone our iPad to surf the site in one click ?
Can’t be easier to do, follow these 3 easy steps

Photo 3-04-13 8 47 19 PM Photo 3-04-13 8 47 23 PM Photo 3-04-13 8 47 36 PM
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