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Sent by my iPhone? What about your e-mail signature?

17 Mar

imageWhat’s your signature ?
When you send a mail with a smartphone, you have an automatic not-always-wanted signature at the bottom of your mail.
For the iPhone, it simply says “sent by my iPhone” but I’m sure that, like me, you would like to customise it!

Let’s do this in 3 clicks on your iPhone!
. ClickOne, Go to “Settings
. ClickTwo, select “Mails/Contacts/Calendars”
. Then scroll down to ClickThree “Signature
You can have one signature for all your email accounts or one for each account.
I decided to customise my signature for each account (one professional and one personal).

imageNow, it’s your turn 😉 but here is the tip: type your data, don’t copy/paste your signature from a mail or doc because then when you type your messages, the automatic warp won’t work and you will be written “outside” your screen and it’s a pain …

iTunes TV shows with iOS7

11 Oct

Since I switched from iOS6 to iOS7, I had the disagreement to see on my iPad all the TV shows I downloaded since … forever …
I simply wanted to see the new tv shows episodes ready to be watched.
It was bugging me big time, but guess what? I just found the solution!
Go to Settings then iTunes&App Store then toggle OFF the videos and only the TV shows on your device will appear on your screen.

image image

Check the difference on those 2 screens.

image image

You can do the same for the audio too.

Can’t talk, text me!

6 Mar

You don’t have the time to take this call just during the finale of #BurnNotice and you don’t want to waste your time listening to vocals ?
Got a solution for you, check this out !
This function comes with iOS6 and allows you to send a customized message to your caller.

Photo 4-03-13 7 27 56 PMThe phone rings, touch the phone icon Photo 4-03-13 7 28 32 PMReply with a message Photo 4-03-13 7 28 34 PMAnd a menu pops up, touch the message to send

Your iPhone gives you 3 messages to customize, to do so follow those 3 easy steps

Photo 4-03-13 7 34 16 PMGo to “Settings” and scroll down to “Phone” Photo 4-03-13 7 41 21 PMPick the option “Reply with message” Photo 4-03-13 7 34 23 PMWrite the message you will send when you don’t want to take a call

Now let’s go back to what you were doing!

iOS 6.1.2

25 Feb

If you want to enjoy the new iOS upgrade to iOS 6.1.2., turn on the iCloud backup to on and do a backup or you’ll risk to lose all you content.

Should you upgrade your iPhone to IOS5 ?

18 Oct

So IOS5 is finally ready to be downloaded on your iPhone/iPad!
I was all excited this Saturday to upgrade my iPhone.
First, I needed the last version of iTunes (you can download it)
Then, my MacBook said “a new IOS version is ready to be downloaded, do you want it ?”. YES, I want it !
Then …
New message from iTunes “You will lose all apps and media content” oops …

So before doing anything,

  • Transfer the content you bought on iTunes on to your computer (iTunes menu > File > Transfer what you bought on you iPhone)
  • Backup your iPhone or iPad (right-click(PC) or control-click(Mac) on your iPhone in iTunes and choose “Backup”)
  • Don’t forget to import all your pictures to your computer (just to be safe)

Now you’re all set!

  • You have the newest iTunes version
  • Your iPhone is backup-ed
  • Your photos are saved on your computer

Sweaty moments ahead.

Ok. So it backuped my iPhone and upgraded the IOS. Then the iPhone turned black and the white apple appeared.
Black screen again and then the apple appeared to ask me to enter the pin code, choose my language, the country, geo localization.
Then they ask you “set up as a new iPhone” and you say no! Restore from iCloud Backup? No again. Restore from iTunes Backup ? YESSSSS!!!
Cross your fingers … it connects to iTunes… And it’s done.

  • Restore in progress …
  • Time remaining 30 minutes …
  • Restore completed. The iPhone turns off and back on. Wait to see it appear on your iTunes
  • Sim card locked. Unlock it with your pin, geo localization OK, then log in with your iTunes ID (log in with my MobileMe account …

My iPhone is now setup to your IOS5 !!! OK that was a scary adventure, but we survived.

All that for what ? What does IOS5 bring to your iPhone ?

  • New icones: Reminders, Newstand
  • New functions: Camera on the locked screen, Notifications, iCloud …
  • More than 200  functions promised by Apple !

So today, we’ll just talk about the notifications.
Notifications: you don’t see anything special on your screen (locked or unlocked, it’s normal there are no new notifications yet).
Where can you see the notification ?

  • Go to your home screen,
  • Then drag down (from up to down, start on the hour)
  • and you’ll discover the notification pannel

You can customize it to fit your needs,

  • On top you see the weather, where I am (Paris, 11°C right now, mostly sunny with some clouds 😉
  • Some tasks from my Reminders I need to do today …
  • Calendar: there’s one birthday today
  • Facebook notifications
  • Notification from games I’m playing online, I need to make a move on Words with Friends …

To customize your very own view,

  • go to Settings > Notifications
  • check the group “In Notification Center”
  • then select each application you want
  • and allow it or not to be seen in your notification panel

So far, I’m happy with the IOS5, but i need to discover all it brings to my iPhone. I’m still working on it.
Next time we’ll talk about the camera on the locked screen!

So stay tuned to ChaseItOrBChased.com

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