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The light at the end of the tunnel

14 Jun

Photo 7-06-13 8 28 55 PMBecause we don’t wear night googles when we walk at night, a flashlight is mandatory when it comes to face darkness and see in the dark.
Great to untangle the electric cables behind the TV or to find the keys in an heavy purse or to get your key in the keyhole without groping in the dark as well as to send a distress signal or avoid roots in the wood while hiking … to summ up, a flashlight is a basic in any bag.

It shouldn’t be heavy or too big though, that’s why I settle for the keyring “Swipe To Shine or STSInova Microlight.

The Inova Microlight STS by NiteIze is small, light, easy to operate, you just have to swipe!

Swipe left (like on your iPhone) to turn the light on and swipe right to turn it off. Great to avoid your flashing discharges itself by pushing on a button unintentionally.

Photo 7-06-13 8 29 15 PM3 lights modes are available (just swipe left)
high power, 16 lumens, lasting 9 hours
low power, 2 lumens, lasting 64 hours
strobe, to signal your position when in distress

Good to know, the Microlight works on 2 2032 lithium batteries and comes with a S-biner clip.

This flashlight is a great add-on to your keyring!


Got light ?

19 Aug

Always looking for your keys in your bag when you arrive home after an long day of work ? Need light to get to the next switch or simply to avoid tripping on roots while coming back after a 18 holes ? And you don’t want to carry something too heavy ?

Search no more, Niteize got you covered with the Inova Microlight.

The Inova Microlight is small, bright and can be seen up to 1 mile away!

It’s also a small light with 4 functions: high/low power, strobe or signal mode.

All this for a small price too: 7,99$

PS: in high mode, the light output is 6 lumens (1 in low mode), 10 hours run time (22 hours in low mode) and water resistant.

You can buy it on NiteIze.com, I bought my at Paragon Sports

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