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My 10 productive apps

14 May

Photo 9-05-13 11 22 52 PMI use them everyday, many times a day and I thought they were worthwhile sharing them with you. With those, you’ll optimize the your time and discover new uses of your devices. If you have favorite apps, don’t hesitate to share.

1. iThoughts, 7,99$ //available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC //

THE Mindmap application. If you are new to mind mapping, Mindmap is a way to organize your thinking about a project in order to handle it more productively. Instead of writing big powerpoints/Keynote presentations, just throw the ideas on a paper and organize them with a Mindmapping app, you will never miss a deadline again! Great tool to follow every steps of a project and reach your objectives. You have to get used to it, but as soon as you get it, you’ll use it forever (learning a lesson at school, preparing your next travel, handling a new position at the office, …) Photo 8-05-13 10 10 41 AM

ithoughts Photo 8-05-13 10 11 28 AM Photo 8-05-13 10 12 57 AM

The Plus: if I knew this technic before, I would have been better at school ……

2. Goodreader, 4,99$ //available for iPhone, iPad, Android //

Worth any dollars spent. It’s the universal reader for any kind of documents … a.pdf document, a powerpoint one, a word one… whatever the format, Goodreader will read it.

Goodreader Photo 8-05-13 11 16 55 PM Photo 8-05-13 11 19 16 PM

The Plus: with Goodreader, you’ll be able to correct a document (hand writing of typing), to underling sentences, to sign contracts … and to send it back to your team to work on it with your remarks.

3. Worldmate, free. Gold version available for 9,99$ //available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC //

Worldmate is the companion to travelers Flying away ? Need infos about a boss’s plane landing in the next hour ? Stucked somewhere and need a flight to leave asap ? Worldmate is for you then. Cherry on the cake the app comes with a currency converter, a tip calculator, weather forecast, the calendar sync. It keeps tracks of your past trips and it’s easy to share your trips with you family or colleagues, as well as your Linkedin contacts thanks to the sharing tool. Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry.

worldmate Photo 8-05-13 11 24 16 PM Photo 8-05-13 11 24 23 PM
Photo 8-05-13 11 24 46 PM Photo 9-05-13 9 26 11 AM Photo 9-05-13 9 26 32 AM

The Plus: you are not alone anymore. With Worldmate, you have a personal travel agent always ready to kick when your agent back home is sleeping because of the time difference.

4. NOAA Cast Pro, 1,99$ //available for iPhone, iPad, Android //

The weather around the world with all the details. Bookmarks of your favorite cities, all the accurate infos you need to know to plan your day wherever you are or going to. The satellite view is cool. Forecasts and alerts when you are in the US.The Plus: when is it going to rain ? You’ll receive an alert so you have the time to bring back your solar panels back inside … you will also know all about storms, hurricanes coming your way and have time to prepare.

Photo 2-05-13 9 11 29 AM Photo 8-05-13 11 29 09 PM Photo 8-05-13 11 29 46 PM
Photo 8-05-13 11 28 20 PM Photo 8-05-13 11 28 51 PM Photo 8-05-13 11 27 12 PM

5. What’s App, free //available for iPhone, iPad, Android //

To stay in touch with your friends (kind of a blackberry messenger), I use it all the time . Works for iPhones, Blackberry and Android. Mandatory. Be aware if you don’t have 3G cover your messages won’t get through and you’ll have to go back to texts.Want tu customize your What’s App? Check this out!


6. Scout (in the US) or GoogleMaps (in Europe) //available for iPhone, iPad, Android //

Great GPS app to guide you anywhere in the US. Vocal guidance, avoidance of Trafic, ETA time, … All is there to replace your old GPS. Need to find a restaurant or a pet store next door? Scout is there to help! Can’t do without in the US. If you don’t use Scout, GoogleMaps is great too. Vocal instructions, alternative itineraries, ETA, … multitasked (continues to guide you even if you are texting or calling a friend).

scout 2013-03-29 20.17.51 2013-03-29 21.11.49

The Plus: really ggod app, which does all the tricks you would expect from a regular GPS, you can also configure the arrow representing you looking like a hummer, … funny and useful.

6.1/2. Googlemaps is a great GPS (without speed indication) but works perfectly. I use it instead of the TomTom which maps I never updated. Voice guidance is great and understandable (it’s funny when he says the French names of the street in English), street view is also in.

google-maps-iphone Photo 9-05-13 9 54 19 AM Photo 9-05-13 9 53 59 AM
Photo 9-05-13 9 54 12 AM Photo 9-05-13 10 13 23 AM Photo 9-05-13 10 13 15 AM

The Plus: great app, easy, plain and simple.

7. Pixter, 1,99$ //available for iPhone, iPad, Android //

The app to convert any picture of a text in text that you will be able to use thanks to a powerful OCR program. Basically, take a picture of an article, click “use” and then wait for the magic to happen: the picture becomes a text you can copy/paste/edit … Very useful if you don’t want to type it over …
1. take a pict or use one you have
2. I took a pict
3. crop the text
4. select the source language
5. let Pixter do its magic
6. the text is there to be used
7. you can event translate it …

pixter Photo 9-05-13 10 51 43 AM Photo 9-05-13 10 52 35 AM
Photo 9-05-13 10 52 42 AM Photo 9-05-13 10 52 49 AM Photo 9-05-13 10 53 24 AM
Photo 9-05-13 10 53 51 AM Photo 9-05-13 10 54 06 AM Photo 9-05-13 10 54 14 AM

The Plus: stop typing over, start scanning. Also great to translate the text you just scan in many languages (there are some mistakes but it does the job). you cn also take a picture of a text to scan it later.
8. Linkedin, free //available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC // Great to keep in touch with the people you meet during your professional career. Your resume will always be up to date and reachable to any head hunters.


The Plus: never loose your professional address book
9. izDial, 0,99$ //available for iPhone// How many different people are you calling all the time ? Less than 10! With izDial you will be able to call your closest friends by taping one of the 12 spots available to be customized. Basically your 12 most important contacts under the thumb ready to be called.

Unknown schneller-telefonieren-mit-dem-iphone-320px-480px

The Plus: your 12 most contacts at the tip of your fingers ready to be called.
10. izText, 0,99$ //available for iPhone// Same as izDial but for text. just one tap to launch the text app.and also BC Reader and Dropbox, that are productive additional apps to will nicely complement the ones above.

680-1-iztext 680-1-iztext2

The Plus: your 12 most contacts at the tip of your fingers ready to be texted.

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