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IOS7, walk with me, part1!

19 Sep

2013-09-19 10.07.03The long awaited iOS7 update available to download for your iPad and iPhone!
I downloaded this morning and wanted to share and debrief about this new iOS version.
Before updating,

1. You NEED to check that you have the backup on the cloud set on ON and that you have a recent backup on the cloud, then if anything goes wrong, you won’t lose anything and will be able to go back to your content.
2. Have at least 60 minutes of spare time to let the update run itself, on my iPhone it announced a 7 minutes operation and lasted 45 minutes.
Now, iOS7 is installed on my iPhone 5, let’s discover the long awaited upgrades.

2013-09-19 08.39.14 2013-09-19 08.38.55 2013-09-19 08.39.23

2013-09-19 09.43.21The locked screen is graphically slightly different, but you still have access to the photo mode by tapping the bottom right photo icon, and a slide to unlock your phone. The unlock slide prompts the password lock, I disabled it as my phone is never more than 2″ away from me (>settings >Password Lock > off).

The home screen is graphically different, but you recognise the surrounding, you are not lost but not really 2013-09-19 09.27.57at home.

Sliding down brings the notification center to the screen as before but now you can see the “today/all/missed” notifications. It doesn’t really change my life but it’s handy.

2013-09-19 09.30.17 2013-09-19 09.33.28

When sliding from bottom to top, you’ll open essential founctions that before you had to dig down in the settings menu, this is called “the control center”. Now in one tap, you can reach the calculator, the flashlight the calculator, the music, the Bluetooth, the wifi, the airplane mode, the music, the clock/timer/alarm/chronograph and also the sleep and log mode. I like it.

Part2, very soon

. Be sure to have the backup on the iCloud option always ON
. Set the Locate My phone on ON, always!

iOS 6.1.2

25 Feb

If you want to enjoy the new iOS upgrade to iOS 6.1.2., turn on the iCloud backup to on and do a backup or you’ll risk to lose all you content.

Wise usage of the iCloud

21 Feb

Some months ago, I walked you through the mystery of the iCloud.
To sum it up in few words, the iCloud will sync

  • your pictures (taken with your iDevice,
  • your music
  • your videos bought on iTunes
  • your docs created with Page, Keynote and Numbers)

I wanted to come back on this notion, after using it a lot these days.

When you buy and download content on iTunes, it’s up there in the iCloud ready to be synchronised accross our i-devices (up to 5 devices).

You are not obliged to sync all the content (disable the option in the “Settings“), it is not mandatory for all your i-devices to contain all the content you own.

I automatically sync the pictures across my iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro and Apple TV. Same for the docs.

When it comes to media content bought on iTunes, I prefer to synch manually. Why ?
Because I own

  • a 16gb iPhone4,
  • a 64gb iPad2

and that they are fully booked so I have to be cautious about the storage….
I only download the TV shows on the device I need to play it from then delete it after viewing so to allow space for the next episode. I don’t loose it because it’s on the cloud !

So when I want to listen to an CD I bought on iTunes,

  • I just browse the iTunes store
  • and choose “Purchased

This time I wanted to download the Cee Lo Green‘s album I bought on my iPad to my iPhone,

  • so I picked “Music“,
  • and “not on this iPhone” and scroll down to Cee Lo Green,
  • clicked on “the iCloud”
  • and then VOILA! it downloaded (free of charge, because I already paid for it) on my iPhone

Do the same for the TV shows but select “Video” instead of “Music“.

And remember up to 5 i-devices can host your content bought on iTunes.

Want more infos on the iCloud ? Check out our ChaseIt Or Bchased review.

Today will be iSunny with an iCloud in your iSky

23 Nov

MobileMe is dead, long life to iCloud!
Why should you use and abuse of it ? What does it bring to your iLife ? How does it work ? And how will it or not replace MobileMe? How to use it in your daily life in order to be super-productive like your boss expects you to be ?

Those are the questions I’ll try to answer today !

  • First you need IOS5 on you iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).
  • Then you need an iTunes ID.
  • Then you are entitled to have an iCloud, your very own cloud above your head 😉

The concept of the cloud is the 100% dematerialization of the content of your computer/iphone/ipad into the cloud.
I mean

  • pictures,
  • music,
  • videos,
  • documents (powerpoint or keynote, excel or numbers, word or pages, …),

no longer occupy space on your hardware.

Basically, if your computer is lost, broken, too old or if you lose your iPhone … you can replace the content of it by reaching to the cloud to grab all the content waiting for you up there.
The iCloud just launched by beloved Steve Jobs does have a twist: it will automatically store all the music, tv shows, films, books, apps you bought using your iTunes ID, as well as the last 1.000 pictures you took with your iPhone …
So for free all your content bought on iTunes will be stored in a 5Gb cloud.

To turn the iCloud option ON, follow those easy steps

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Select “iCloud”
  • enter you Apple ID and tick on or off the content you don’t want to sync in your cloud among all you devices

Cool, BUT what about the CDs you bought legally in a music store that you threw away ? What about your home videos of your last vacation in Florida ?

Pay attention to the fact that

  • the pictures will stay on the cloud up to 30 days... Then what ? they disappear from the cloud (but stay on the devise you used to take the pictures with). The pictures will be visible on your iPhone too and ready to be downloaded on your computer hard disk. On Mac, you’ll need Lion operating system, on PC you’ll have to download an update.

You want to store your presentations, excel and word documents, then you need to buy (one time) the ios version of Keynote, Numbers and Page for your IOS devices (it will do for iPhone and iPad, each app is priced 7,95$). For the Mac, each software is listed at $19,95.
Pay attention to the fact that if you want to store different format than the powerpoint, excel or word, you won’t be able to store those on the iCloud and you’ll need then to get a dropbox account.

If you want extra storage for your docs, it will cost you

  • 20$ for 10 extra Gb
  • 40$ for 20 extra Gb
  • 100$ for 50 extra Gb

Why use the iCloud ? Because you will have a total synchronization of you content across your iDevices without having to synchronize, like you did before, the iPhone, then your iPad on your computer. It’s really impressive to see the documents you just typed on your iPad already on your iPhone and on your computer in a matter of seconds.

ChaseIt or BChased ?

In short, you don’t really have the choice, all the iTunes content (music, TV shows, and pictures) are already on the cloud and you just have to turn on the option on your iDevices to synchronize them all together. It’s free for the first 5Gb.

BChased  because if  you need extra room for your content or documents … a dropbox will be necessary (2Gb free, then 99$ for 50Gb a year). And you will then be able to store the docs like you did on MobileMe, share folders of pictures, presentations, …

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