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Panoramic pictures ?

14 Apr

Photo 11-04-13 1 09 59 PMOf course you know that you can take panoramic pictures with your iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

(For those you don’t, just act like you know and do the following, tap the photo app and “Options“, then “Panorama“).

But did you know you could switch from “left to right” to “right to left pictures” ? How ? By simply tapping on the arrow.

Photo 12-04-13 3 05 24 PM Photo 12-04-13 3 05 28 PM Photo 12-04-13 3 04 41 PM
Photo 12-04-13 3 04 49 PM Photo 12-04-13 3 04 56 PM

Here you go! Happy photo to you!

Scared of scratches ?

10 Feb

I AM scared from scratches, scratches on my iPhone screen. So when I received my iPhone, the 1st reflex was to reach out to Zagg.com.
20130204-121717.jpgZagg is the leader of the invisible shield to protect your screen.
You have 4 different shields (i took the case friendly screen coverage) to choose from

  • The High-definition (advanced clarity and glass-like surface) for 19,99$
  • The Extreme (break protection and shock resistance) for 29,99$
  • The Original (military-grade scratch protection) for 14,99$
  • Or the Smudge-proof (fingerprint resistance) for 17,99$

I decided to go for the EXTREME shield because I always have my iPhone in my hand and even if you are cautious, it may fall, bad things can happen, … So I prefer to be safe than sorry. I’ve seen to many broken iPhone screens …

The placement of the shield is easy.
The package contains

  • An application solution (to be used on your on your fingers and on the adhesive side of the shield)
  • A micro fibre clothes
  • And a squeegee to chase the air bubbles away and extra moisture
  • Leave 2-3 days to have the definitive results. You’ll see smudge, yellow stains on your screen, don’t panic it will dissapear, don’t be impatient and let them go away.

I have used Zagg for many years and their products are effective and come with a lifetime guarantee. Any issues or problem, claim a new one to replace your damage shield and you’ll receive it (you’ll need to pay for the shipping cost and send back your damage shield).

Ditch iPhone4 for iPhone4s ?

7 Oct

It’s the question on everybody’s lips since Oct 4th.
Here is my reasoning on why you should wait.
– You already have an iPhone4;
– You are happy with the i4 camera that takes good pictures and videos;
– You need extra storage for you video? 32gb isn’t enough for you? … You can then consider i4s 64gb.
It’s true that i4s will be faster, but who cares if you are connected to the wifi most of the day?
The rest of the improvements will come in the new system called IOS5 and that will change you from your i4.
My advise is: it’s a BChased product so wait for the i5 !!!

PS: RIP Steve Job. Thanks for everything you’ve created!

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