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AirPods in my ears

26 Apr

They just landed! And it was a long way … 5 weeks … 5 weeks to fly from Shanghai to Sennan to Memphis then Fort Lauderdale and now Miami!
So was it worth the wait?

I’ve been testing them for the past few days and … you’ll see.

The pairing
… can’t be easier just open the little white box and let the magic work … boom you are connected.
Put the AirPods in your ears and here you go … music, phone calls, Siri

The music
, seamless the music starts when the AirPods are in your ears.

Take one pod out and the music stops.
Put it back in your ear and the music starts again.

Wants to set the volume, skip a song, switch the playlist?
Then you’ll have to go through your phone or your Apple Watch. You can use Siri, I gave it a chance and its working ok … but you can deactivated Siri and replaced it with play/stop when you double tap the AirPod while in your ear. (Go to settings/general/Bluetooth and tap the i next to your AirPods).

The talking
, because a phone is also about talking … people hear me clearer than with my previous Bluetooth headset.

I guess its because each AirPod has 2 mics one at the top for noise cancellation and one at the bottom for the voice recognition.
Clever and that works.

The autonomy
It’s a big problem for me as I may have 2 hours long conference calls as well as I’m listening to music while I’m working or skateboarding.

Autonomy is key!

The AirPods are supposed to a 5 hours autonomy on a single battery charge.
Cool, but not enough for a full work day.

The trick comes with the charging case which gives up to 24 hours extra battery life.

Also another trick to stay on top of your autonomy is to use one AirPod then put the other AirPod back in its charging case … you’ll double the autonomy.  Be aware that when one AirPod is charging in its case, the other one in your ear plays music and calls in stereo. Neat.

Good to know, 15′ in the charging case give a 3 hours boost of battery life.

Any regrets?

NO! I love it, it’s paired with my iPad and iPhone 6 and it works perfectly!!

The only downside is the size
It’s small, small pods and small charging case … easy to lose … I guess I’ll have to be careful. I safely store the charging case in my watch pocket.
F.Y.I. you can replace the lost charging case for $69

More to come about the AirPods with AirPods in my ears, part2.

Because your ears are not round !

21 Mar

Photo 15-03-13 12 25 13 PMWhen I bought my iPhone 5 it came in a sweet box with the brand new ApplePhoto 15-03-13 12 31 12 PM (HDR) earphones.
The ones made for your ears … And because they are not round the earplug is not round anymore (that’s what they said in the ad).
Sounds like a nice marketing idea. Actually the earphone fits well in your ears, but I had to get used to it.

The great thing about the apple earphones is that there are always hidden functions that you will never use or you will discover by accident. To speed up the process, I decided to bring you up to speed in no time, read what follows.
Photo 15-03-13 12 24 23 PM (HDR)1. If you are using your earphones to have phone conversations
. For an incoming call, 1xtap the center button to answer
. While done, 1xtap to hang up
. To send a call you don’t want to answer to the voice mail, long press the center button
. While already engaged in a phonecall, 1xtap the center button to switch to the new call

2. If you are using your earphones to listen to music
. To fast-forward a song, tap the center button twice and long-press on the second tap
. To rewind a song, 3xtap + 1 long-press on the third tap
. To skip a song, 2xtap
. To go to the previous song, 3xtap
. To stop or launch the music, 1xtap

3. If you are taking pictures
You can use the up or down button to take pictures

4. If you want to talk to Siri, long press the center button (for 4s and 5 users)

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