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I measure everything!

15 Jun
Easy to carry, it's a bracelet

Easy to carry, it’s a bracelet

Already have the feeling when walking in a shop that you need a measuring tape or a folding rule to measure the brand new shelve that will brighten your kitchen? Or the length of a skirt …
But you don’t have a ruler on you. So you try to measure with you hand spread and you guess that the length is about 20cm or 7,87″.

Who does it? ME! But not anymore because now I wear the super cute leather wrist ruler for from I Love Handles.

On top of it, not only I measure, I also measure in centimeters or inches as the ruler is graduated with both.

Thanks ILVHDLS, great packaging

Thanks ILVHDLS, great packaging

the wrist ruler comes in a sweet little box

the wrist ruler comes in a sweet little box

I measure everything on the fly

I measure everything on the fly

Smart and cheap, available at $20 on the I Love Handles website.

ChaseIt, because

  • It looks good
  • It handy
  • And you will use it

Little downside, I’m a little picky here, they could have worked the leather a little bit more to make it smoother but I still like my wrist ruler.

More info on

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29 Jan

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