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I’m glowing

11 Jun

TEC-A3 Glow fobI’m glowing … glowing in the dark!
How many times did you arrive home and look for your keys in the bottom of your backpack or purse … Nothing to see, but you can hear them …

TEC-A3 Glow fob TEC-A3 Glow fob TEC-A3 Glow fob

I don’t anymore thanks to my (super light, as small as a dollar coin) glow fob.
My glow fob has the shape of a little tube containing a pellet and liquid.
While exposed to the sun or UV it stores the lights ready to glow in the dark.
If you feel like going DIY, you can buy the pellet, liquid and container separately … I went for the easy ready option and bought the TEC-A3 Glow Fob.
Chose between aircraft grade aluminum (TEC-A3, priced at US$18), stainless steel (TEC-S3, US$23) or titanium (TEC-T3, US$36).

It’s fun and usefull for kids, as an extra light in their room or attached at their jacket as a zipper pull, and also for grownups like me …

TEC-A3 Glow fob TEC-A3 Glow fob

Check it out on TEAC website

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