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I love granola!

23 Nov

my granola I never ate granola before January 2015 when I discovered 1111granola in melbourne. It was so good that my stock lasted less than a month. Then I started to hunt granola in Parisian supermarkets but never found the right one (in France, we have mostly muesli not granola and it’s not the same). So I bought it abroad while traveling.

My colleague, who studied at UCLA, told me it was super easy to cook and dared me to try …

I’m good at eating but not really at cooking … so I gave it a try!

The last granola I ate was peanut butter and nuts so let’s go for homemade peanut butter and nuts ganola.

I found a super easy recipe and try to gather the ingredients.

Here’s the list:

  • Peanut butter, 1/2 cup
  • Maple syrup, 1/2 cup
  • Oatmeal, 4 cups
  • Cinnamon powder, 2 tiny pinches
  • Mix of nuts, 3 handfuls
  • Raisins, whatever you want

And the instructions are easy to follow (even for me),

  • Mix the peanut butter and maple syrup and put it for 30 seconds in the microwave
  • Stir and make a beautiful paste
  • Pour the oatmeal and stir to make it homogeneous
  • Put the cinnamon powder in and stir
  • Put the nuts in and stir

… Basically if you can stir, you will make it!

my granola

DON’T put the raisins in, don’t or they will dry, get black and basically melt and burned … and we don’t want that … I did during my first attempt so I prefer to share the info before you try it too …

  • Preheat the oven to 210C/410F
  • Spread the mix on waxed paper … I don’t have any so I put it in my silicone baking pan in the shape of a star …
  • Then when the oven is ready, turn down the heat to 180C/156F and let it cook  for 12 minutes.

And here it is! I have a full week stock of granola read to dive in my chia pudding every morning !!

If I can do it, so can you!

The breakfast of champions!!

29 Sep

Chia PodRecently I discovered the chia seeds at the US Open in New York City where an Australian company was giving away for free chia desserts during the 2 weeks of the tournament (thank you ChiaCorp!).
There were many flavors and I tried them all (banana, vanilla, strawberry,…).
Its consistence was weird (kind of slimy) at first and not very sweet (which I liked, my friend missed the sugar).
I loved it and became a regular at the Chia Corp booth.
I wanted to know more about this little black seed.
Digging a bit, I discovered that the Chia Pod were gluten free (quite fancy right now), dairy free and vegan.
Digging a bit further, I learned that it was a seed that the Aztecs used to eat often for it’s long lasting energy it provides.
So what composes the seed to qualify it of the label “superfood“?
The chia is a great source of
. omega-3 fatty acids,
. high quality proteins,
. natural antioxidants
. and dietetic fibre (good for a healthy digestive system),
. as well as Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids.

The chia seeds have the property to absorb liquids and grow to become a slimy texture stuffed with liquids.

Back home in France, I didn’t find the Chia pods so I decided to buy the seeds and to make my very own chia pudding!

The recipe is super super easy, even for me.

Soy milk, chia seeds and that's it!

Soy milk, chia seeds and that’s it!

Chia seeds first

Chia seeds first

add the milk and stir

add the milk and stir

. Drown one portion of chia seeds with 4 portions of liquid (I use almond milk or nut milk, my brother coconut water)
. and go watch an episode of House Hunters international,
. after 20 minutes, stir,Chia seeds
. watch another episode and 20 minutes later stir again,
. Let it rest for the night in the fridge and voila!

The Next morning, you got yourself your breakfast ready to eat!
I add honey, some nuts, kinako powder or cranberries but plain is great too!

It fills me easily until the next meal, and you have usually left overs for the next couple of days.
I even take it at the office when I don’t have the time to eat a proper lunch (as you know I’m not into sandwiches).

Chocolate sprinkles on Chia pudding

Chocolate sprinkles on Chia pudding


More infos
. Chia Corp official website
. Follow Chia Corp
. TheChiaCo on Instagram
. Spork on the walk

Want to detox or just feeling sick ?

16 Feb

CongeeIt’s time to talk about congee.
Congee is a rice soup, easy to cook and versatile. Either sweet or salted, it will depend depends on the toppings you’ll add.

The super easy recipe.
Bring 1 cup of long rice and 10 cups of water to boil, then go back to low heat and let it cook for at least 1 hour. The rice will cook and disintegrate to creamy soup.

The toppings: salty or sweet ?
Salty congee.
I love the bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms and natural peanuts then I add a dash of soy sauce.
You can also top it with shredded chicken, fish or pork.Congee

Sweet congee.
Add nuts, cranberries, azukis brand and dry fruits, then add a dash of honey.

Congee is great for your stomach and spleen. It’s also perfect if you are feeling sick or just want to detox.

Big bonus, you can store it up to 2 weeks in your fridge! Perfect for the breakfast or lunch at the office.

Keep on driving and don’t forget to toast …

22 Jul

Photo 16-07-13 4 40 47 PMIt all started in New york and its hot dogs and Los Angeles with its tacos. In Belgium we didn’t have trucks but “Frit kots” (a cabin which sells french frites) and “charettes a escargots” (a wheeled table with a hot pot of sea snails boiling all day long).
Now, the food trucks revolution is on, and many food trucks are operating in Paris, London, … and even Brussels. I love food trucks, I would dream of a bubble tea food truck stopping in front of the office … Maybe one day …

Photo 16-07-13 4 33 17 PM

Anyway, I met Jean-Baptiste, the dynamic owner of @keepontoasting on a market in Brussels last Sunday and he told me his story from the kitchen to the steering wheel of his truck to sell the best toasties in the country!

How did you decided to go on the road and buy your truck ? Tell us about your truck ? The customisations you did.

The foodtruck industry is big in the US and in Asia already, I thought there were no reason that Belgian customers can’t get a decent Photo 16-07-13 4 42 56 PMmeal on the street.
So I decided to use my experience as a skilled cook to improve the current offer.

The truck is a tailor-made brandnew one that a bought from a specialised company. There are two big fridges, another for the drinks and a large gas griddle to cook the toasties.

Why did you chose to become the specialist of the toast ?

Gourmet toastie or grilled cheese is a classic that everyone can rely to.
But it’s very customisable as a dish so I can show my creativity to surprise and impress customers.

The menu is rich and changes depending on the market.
The bread is made with spelt flour and bio veggies, … Jean-Baptistery cares about you and uses the best products for his toasties.
Photo 16-07-13 4 41 34 PM

How does you day looks like ?

I wake up early around 5am then I go to the garage. The baker delivers my spelt bread directly in the truck there.
Then I start to ride the truck to the early market at 6am to get the best daily vegetables, dairy products and meat. I go park at the day’s location to prepare the toasties and the daily dessert. I usually open from noon to 2pm and elsewhere from 5pm to 9pm.

Where can we find you ?

You can easily find the truck on a daily basis on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. The weekly schedule is on the website http://www.keepontoasting.be

Into good street food ? So start chasing the food trucks around the world, my favorites are
@waffletruck, the best Belgian waffles in the world!
@PhilSteaks, the authentic Philly Cheesesteak

In Paris,
@lecamionquifume, the specialist of the burger on wheels
@cantinecali, the 1st bio food truck

In Brussels,
@keepontoasting, the best toasties
@welovemellow, frozen yogurt truck

In Miami,
@bobastation, the bubble tea truck

My favourite japanese food 3/10, the black garlic

27 May

Photo 9-05-13 11 44 18 PMAll is good in the garlic! but it’s even more true with the black garlic!
The black garlic is a fermented garlic, a fermentation process (under strictly controlled heat and humidity during 40 days) invented by Mr Taniguchi Itaru.

The transformation from white to black garlic not only brings antibiotic and antioxidant properties to the garlic but lots of other good stuff that will benefit your health, and last but not least it looses its smell!

Photo 9-05-13 11 47 38 PM

Black garlic ID
. Color: black
. Taste: sweet-tangy nectar, sweet and balsamic taste, liquorice taste // often referred as Unami taste (the 5th taste)
. Texture: jelly-like

Black garlic presents the following properties
. Twice as many antioxidants than raw garlic
. Lots of minerals and vitamins, lots of polyphenols
. S-Allycysteine (supposed to be a factor in cancer prevention)
. Helps to improve blood circulation
. And cherry on the cake, no garlic smell after eating it !

How to enjoy black garlic ?
. Eat it as a snack
. Use as spice in recipes
. and be sure to keep the skin of the cloves to make some tea (6 cloves skin in a hot cup of water)

I buy my black garlic cloves in my Japanese grocery shop, but now lots of producers of black garlic will offer you a full range of products from the cloves, peeled cloves, power, paste or extract. The top Chefs are fighting to get it and experience its taste in their fine recipe, so check it out.Photo 9-05-13 11 47 13 PM (HDR)

Also check my other favorite Japanese food: the tororo kombu and the shiso leaf.

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