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Write down your 2012 resolutions but not with any pen

2 Jan

Imagine you are a crew member of the STS-135 last Atlantis mission and from the space you want to send a postcard to your loved ones with your best wishes for 2012.
What do you do? You use your SpacePen by Fisher of course !
What’s the difference between a pen and a spacepen ?
Your pen ? nobody will steal it. But your spacepen? Everybody will want it as soon as they know how cool it is.
The spacepen has been invented by Paul Fisher (Boulder, California). He had the idea to create a cartridge that would be pressurized. It allows you to write under water, in the grease, by high heat or very cold temperatures, upside down … and also in the space shuttle (since apollo7 in 1968). Just to summarize, the guys up there in their shuttle use them ! I don’t know how they do to send their postcards from up there though.
If you are not scheduled to fly in the shuttle in the next years, it can still be usefull to you as it is to cops, doctors, firemen… who use it everyday at work.
So there no doubt the fisher spacepen will fit in your daily life.

Spacepen comes in a lot of different designs:

  • Bullet pens, smal pocketable version
  • Astronaut pens, replica of the one used up there (in the space)
  • Trekker pens, that will follow you everywhere

The price range goes from $8 to $800 for a very pricey limited edition.

Fisher SpacePen

ChaseIt or BChased?
ChaseIt because it’s a nice, efficient pen to use. The most difficult part is to not forget it somewhere. You can also choose the thickness of the point as well as the color of the ink (blue, black, purple, brown, silver and red). My favorite model is the Trekker because you can wear it around you neck, so you’ll always have it with you.

More infos on
Fisher Spacepen official website

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