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It’s not easy to be green …

5 May

20140502-092908.jpgI’m not talking about an episode of “Once upon a time” when Regina meets her evil sister Zelena … but about a great product called Cella.

Cella is a flexible, lightweight plastic kind of futuristic pot that will house small plants and moss.
20140502-092918.jpgThe creators at Ecoid based their idea on 15 years of study of the moss and also observation of the now fashionable concept of green roof.
With the Cella (coming in 3 sizes), you can now also have a moss ball in your office on your desk, hung on a wall, in the garden, inside or outside …
Let’s add some green in our urban life!
You’ll love it’s flexibility of use and low 20140502-092939.jpgmaintenance (if the Cella is indoor, just spray it with water 2-3 times a week) and if, like me, you don’t have a green thumb …
give Cella a chance and check their Kickstarter campaign.

More on Cella
. Official website Ecoid.net
. Cella on Kickstarter

goDock, the shelter to your smartphone

13 Feb

GoDockIt’s a dock, it’s a plug, it’s a shelter for your cables and earphones … and it’s small enough to carry in your pocket !
It’s the goDock: innovative, versatile and mobile!

GoDockThe goDock is a portable way to bring with you your iPhone plug and cable as well as your earphones.
At the same time, it will also welcome your iPhone as it works as a dock station (with or without a case). Even on the go, we should be able to dock and charge!
3 in one and in style!
It’s made of aluminium (choose between the grey, black or its coloured edition).
The goDock is also ecological and 100% recyclable.
This will definitively be your smartphone new BFF.GoDock

Early birds price starts at $47 then $58 (black or white), then $74 for the coloured edition.

The project is live on Kickstarter, check it out.GoDock

PS: it works for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and for Android phones too!

More infos
. Follow @goDockofficial
. Instagram goDock

Let’s bury the plate!

10 Feb

EcoSouLifeJust recently, I stumbled across EcoSouLife’s Biodegradable products in a local outdoor retailer in Melbourne.

This Australian brand has launched a full range of environmentally conscious tableware and lifestyle products that aim to replace harmful plastics and melamine’s which pollute the environment.
They will completely biodegrade once buried under the earth (I would not bury my bowl though, but it’s great to know that if we want we can do it).EcoSouLife

How is it possible ?
Those products are simply made with natural ingredients such as bamboo and cornstarch.


So what came from the earth can go straight back into the earth.

I bought two bowls! My bowl now is eco-friendly, dishwasher-safe, heat resistant and of course re-usable (don’t use it in the microwave though).

EcoSouLife targets the campers and eco-conscious buyers, like you and me.
I’m not a camper (I don’t want to fight with a bear for a corn flake) but why not try to buy and support Eco smart initiatives! So from now on, I will eat my ice cream, my cornflakes, my congee in an eco bowl!

More infos
. EcoSouLife official website
. Instagram ecosoulife_
. Like them on Facebook

Going electric? Even on the pavement!

19 Aug

Photo 15-08-13 9 23 13 AMToday, I decided to test the Solowheel, an urban solution to walkers to stop walking and start gliding in style on the pavement.
Photo 14-08-13 4 49 22 PMAfter some discussion with Vincent, the distributor of Solowheel in Europe and here I was both feet on the foot pedals on each side of the wheel.

Let’s start with the beginning. What is the Solowheel ? It’s an individual electric way of transportation.
Under the hood there’s a gyro-stabilized electric unicycle. Lean forward and you will ride, lean back and it breaks, can’t be easier!

Ok, now that I had the basics, I push carefully the switch on, put a first foot on the foldable foot platform, the 2nd foot on the other foot platform and I was ready to start my initiation.
First, there’s no noise … Of course it’s electric!
The lateral balance is not easy to find, so I started my first meter of urban glide with the help of Vincent who nicely held my arm. Then, I continued the practice with the help of a handrail.

When I lost balance I just jumped out and the wheel just stopped.
Be careful not to touch the wheel, just the handle and the switch to avoid contact with the moving wheel on your legs or fingers.
Then, I pushed the switch of and on again and hop on to continue the practicing.

After an hour, although I’m not ready to cruise the city, I need to sleep on it and I think that next sessions will be easier and I will leave the handrail and extend my perimeter of autonomy.

Photo 15-08-13 9 29 18 AM Photo 16-08-13 10 36 24 AM Photo 15-08-13 9 30 06 AM

The whole Solowheel is strong and will survive the beginner trials until ready to devour the road (and you can change any part if needed).
The Solowheel is strongly built, the handle is easy to grab and to carry.

Charged in one hour , it will give you an autonomy of 11km/6,35miles, plenty enough to reach the office or cruising downtown.

Photo 15-08-13 9 38 36 AMThis is definitively a great urban “personal mover” to consider: compact, easy to store and fast to charge. But like any other activity, no pain no gain, so after a little bit of practice, you’ll be the queen or king of the asphalt!

Photo 15-08-13 9 25 24 AM. Charged in one hour and half
. 11 km autonomy
. 11kg, 22Lb
. 1000W motor power
. Lithium iron phosphate 122 Wh battery which will last 1000 charge cycles
. Built-in handle to carry it around at the office, in the bus, … but not too far away because it’s heavy
. Priced under the 2Keuros (1.899euros)

ChaseIt or BChased ?
I would ChaseIt because
. it’s really the future of personal transportation for cities like Paris, NY, London, Brussels, … where it will really cut your time walking and expand your perimeter of action without using your car
. it’s a stylish and cool urban way to move around
. it’s easy to charge
. it’s less expensive than a Segway
BChased if
. you don’t want to practice to use it

More info about the SolowheelPhoto 16-08-13 10 34 55 AM
. Official French website
. Like SoloWheel Facebook page
. Contact Vincent (vincent@solowheel.fr) for questions or a trial
. US Solowheel website

PeopleTowels, towels by people for people

9 Jan

What does your mom always say to you since you were born? “Wash your hands when you go to the bathroom”, “Wash your hands before coming to diner, wash your hands, wash your hands, wash you hands !!!
So either you have very very dirty hands or your moma is right and we should all wash our hands more often.
Lots of bacteria are crawling on your hands, so the smart move is to use the anti bactericid gel or to bring your personnal towel everywhere with you. Why ? Because you spare paper towels and don’t touch the dubious public towels !
Why carry my own towel with me ? Like the klean kanteen or Tervis Tumbler I bring to the office or picnics? YES!
The little american company called TowelPeople brought back from Japan the centenial use of the personnal towel that japanese people carry with them all day long.
This eco-habit is cool because it reduces paper waste and recycling costs; it leaves the tree alone and on top of it you got your very own and customised clean towel (it can be a nice gift for your moma).
The PeopleTowels are available in the US as a 1 day supply up to a 5 days supply.
It’s a great idea, moma would like it and the planet is interested too 😉

More infos on

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