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Balance yourself! 

26 Jun

2016-11-06 09.52.23Balance is important for our agility, it develops our coordination, sharpens our reactions.
It also helps to recover and strengthens ankles and knees.
I use it to develop my coordination while skating, build my core and have fun while in conference calls … it will also help when sliding on a wet leaf, avoiding falls, … your body will remember how to keep its balance.


There are lots of choices when it comes to balance boards

Or, you do like me, and make your very own balance board for $1,99!

  • Take a board. If you have on skateboard lost in the garage, take off the trucks (leave the risers), and we are already halfway to your very own balance board.
  • Buy a 2 liters at Publix ($1,99), empty it and fill it back with water.
  • Duck tape the bottle (insist on the cap).
  • Put the board on the bottle and hop cautiously on it!

That’s it!

My first bottle lasted about 7 months before leaking … and I practice almost daily.

Now, go get your balance back!

Reflection in my socks?

4 Feb

HeiselDo you ever walk at night dressed in dark colours?
Have you ever jogged at the crack of dawn anxious to be seen by the cars during your jogg?
Do you ever walk with your doggie in a pitch black street in the middle of the winter?
All those questions have the same answers: safety and fashion first! And you know what? Heisel got the answer!Heisel

It all started with Sylvia Heisel.
Sylvia is a pioneer and veteran in fashion, not any fashion but smart fashion using innovative and smart material.
The lines of clothes designed by Sylvia combine advanced technology materials and manufacturing techniques.
Creativity, technology, sustainability and style are leading the way!

So let’s follow her footsteps and discover Heisel line
From T-shirts to hoodies, pants and parka, Heisel also creates suome great and accessible accessories that will bring safety and comfort to our life (saving you from the ugly yellow safety jacket).

I was attracted by the polka dots reflecting tennis socks ($16) and the reflecting beanie ($36).
Those accessories are great while running, biking or just walking and will attract the attention of the cars when the sun goes down.
The beanie is great for winter to keep your ears warm and you will stand out at night … safety is not a game!Heisel

PS: Heisel clothes and accessories are also a stunner while moving your body on the dance floor!!
If you are into D.I.Y., check the reflective threads ready to be knitted, sewn, glue to your clothes to create your very own reflective outfit.

More infos on Heisel
. Heisel official website
. Twitter @heisel_co
. Instagram heisel_co
. Facebool Facebook.com/heiselco

Thanks to Diego and Sylvia for their help.


Ever tried Tiger nuts?

3 Nov

Homemade HorchataHave you ever tried Horchata drink ? I haven’t !
Until I took a short trip in Valencia (Spain), where I found an Horchata kit in El Corto Ingles supermarket.
I didn’t  really know what it was but the bottle was cute and it said on the sticker that it was an authentic drink from Valencia!
Super excited, I brought it home and made my first Horchata (1 portion of concentrated Horchata for 4 portions of very cold water).
And it was a revelation! I love it!

Horachata kit Horchata kit Horchata from Valencia

Not only does it taste great (kind of nutty) but it is also a healthy drink.
Check this out:
It is a plain and simple drink with no preservative nor coloring, it is non dairy and gluten free.
Horchata keeps blood cholesterol under control, it’s a source of fibers, proteins, magnesium, zinc and vitamins B1 C and E.
It also helps with the digestion.

But now that I’m back in Paris, there’s no Horchata around (there’s the brand Chufi but it’s dairy …) so after looking everywhere desperately, I found a Spanish online grocery store selling the famous tiger nuts that are used to make Horchata.

I decided to try making my own Horchata.
I bought a hand mixer, a strainer and I’m now ready to tackle the Horchata like a real Valencia girl … that I’m not!
I received my tiger nuts (through the mail), I just need to add water and sugar.
The proportions are the following
. 250gr chufa (tiger nuts)
. 125gr sugar (I make it light with only 25gr)
. 1L water

Socking the nuts add water Photo 1-11-2014 5 55 03 pm

I’m trying to pay attention to what I eat so I reduce the sugar in my alimentation.
I cut the amount of sugar drastically in the recipe (and it was way too sweet anyways).
. Phase 1, let’s soak the nuts in water, when it is soft, rinse them and put them in a bowl.
. Phase 2, pour the 250ml of water in and use the blender. The mix turns white right away.
. Phase 3, add 750ml of water and blend.
. Phase 4, use the strainer to reject the paste of the nuts to only keep the liquid.
. Phase 5, add the 750ml of water, sugar, stir and here you go, fresh Horchata home made!

More infos
. Follow @balensya
. Official website balensya.es
. Like their page fb.com/balensya

PS: Nutrition facts
. 400kcal per 100g, 4.15% Proteins, 26.54% Starch, 21.23% Glucose, 24.13% Fibre, 4.77% Water
. MINERALS: Magnesium 1070mg/Kg, Sodium 206mg/Kg, Potasium 7100mg/Kg, Phosphorus 2557mg/Kg, Calcium 179mg/Kg

Stick me!

21 Nov
Photo 18-11-2013 9 05 18 pm Photo 18-11-2013 9 05 44 pm Photo 18-11-2013 9 04 48 pm

Want to hang your favorite pictures, decorate your office, stick notes to remember … But you don’t want to use an hammer and nails or destroy the paint of the wall at the office ? I have the solution for you: the super easy DIY Dartstrip!

Dartstrip is a re-usable steel can that contains an 8 feet of white steel strip (backed with removable adhesive).
The box also includes the stip 16 BFF  also called the rare earth magnets, both go together as a horse and carriage.

The strip is snappable (by increments of 1 inch) and doesn’t need any tools: just snap it and stick it wherever you need/want and that’s it! It’s easy and you can remove it cleanly from most surfaces without leaving adhesive residue, even after long time.Photo 18-11-2013 9 03 58 pm

I NEED this, and I will stick mine in the back of the cabinet next to my cubicle at the office to hang pictures and notes (I hate white walls and I deseperately need to personalise my work space).

Chase the Dartsprip before November 26th to get the early bird special prices on Kickstarter.

Price: 25$ for 1 Dartstrip (8 feet of strip) and 16 magnets

More infos
. Follow @dartstrip
. Official website Dartstrip.com
. Pinterest Dartstrip
. Like Facebook.com/Dartstrip
. Back Dartstrip on Kickstarter

Do you Nobu in a box ?

8 Oct

imageNobu is one of my favourite restaurant.
I already experienced Nobu in Melbourne, NY (on 57th), London and Dubai.
Yes! I am into japanese food big time, I eat japanese food at least once a day, 5 days a week.
My favourite food is the original japanese food, cooked and raw, I love it.
At home, I stick to cooked food as I don’t know
. Where to find good fish
. How to chose the best fish
. And how to cut it properly
… at the end of the day a sushi master is someone who masters the art of sushi (from cooking the rice to slicing the right way the best fishes), I am not a sushi master but a sushi eater!

Thank god, Nobu saved the day and invented the “The Nobu Hand Roll Box“!
It’s like building an Ikea shelve but with fishes and rice: sushis and maki in the kit!

With the help of their best sushis masters, Nobu filled the box with
The basics for your sushis
. Sushi rice
. Nori to wrap your sushi
. Wasabi
. Ginger
. Scallion
. Sesame
. Creamy spicy sauce
. Salmon egg
. Soy sauce

And of course the best fishes nicely sliced and sorted
. Tuna
. Yellowtail
. Salmon
. Avocado
. Shrimp
. Asparagus
. King crab
. And tamago

Then, you become the sushi chef and it’s up to you to work your magic to create the rolls! Nobu gives you all the instruction (link provided) and if you need help a Nobu sushi expert will be there to guide your first steps (at an additional cost).
The box will feed up to 12 sushi-lovers.
It can’t be easier, fun and good to make sushis at home!

More information
. The box is priced 550US$ and is available at most Nobu locations in the US.
. Call Nobu restaurant New York Special Events at 212 757 3063 to order the box
. Visit Nobu restaurants official website
. And don’t forget to follow @NobuFiftySeven1 @NobuLosAngeles @NobuNewYork1

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