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It’s all about money ?

26 Sep

imageWhen you search the keyword “wallet” on Kickstarter, more than 40 results pop out!
So many wallets, why so many?
Maybe because the wallet is something that we all use everyday, many times a day …
Personally if I do a pocket sweep, I have 4 bank cards, 2 loyalty cards, 1 RFID metro card, a couple of bank notes and one ID.
Often when I go out for diner, I don’t have my Man-Pack and I want to have the essential (one bank card, my metro pass, my key and my iPhone), so I carry them separated (cards in the pocket, penh one in the hand, key in the other pocket, …), all ready to be lost.

My dream wallet would be an easy to use wallet, slim, that I can slip in my pants pocket, strong enough so I can seat on it while in my back jean pocket. My dream wallet would be a colourful wallet that I could show off, stylish and handy.

imageMeet the Simple Wallet 2.0, a project on Kickstarter. More than 2.467 backers supported this project!
Simple 2.0 Wallet is made with Italian Leather and a high-quality elastic (great to secure your iPhone to your wallet or add more cards). It’s a 3 pockets-wallet equipped with a loop (great for the keys of simply to tight it inside your bag). The simple 2.0 is perfect for up to 15 cards.
It’s handcrafted and made in Virginia.

Be fast because the deadline is October 4th.

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