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Spork on the walk!

30 Jun

Spork by Light My FireWhen I leave for work, I bring my homemade congee with me in my Black+Blum bottle (it’s great with a magnetic spoon on the side) but when it’s in the dishwasher I have to use a Tupperware.
That’s when I bring my Spork (when a spoon gets married with a knife and gets a baby fork).
For the way in, I store it inside my empty Polar bottle.
But for the way back it’s dirty and I never know where to put it (I don’t want to hand wash it because I’m a bit lazy and also I don’t want to put my dishwasher out of work;-)

But this is all history now because I just found a Spork case!

Spork by Light My Fire Spork by Light My Fire Spork by Light My Fire

The case can contain up to 2 Sporks.
It’s easy to transport thanks to its eyelet, I can hang it to my VahoWorks bag with a S-biner.
The case closes with a tight snap, so no worries to lose the Spork.

The Spork case is perfect for camping, barbecue or the office.

PS: the price is really good too, for 2 Sporks and the case I paid £5.50 ($9,36 or 6,80€).

More on the Spork
. Check the official website Light My Fire
. Instagram light_my_fire_sweden

What is stronger a pelican or an otter ?

24 Feb

Protect your belongings with waterproof boxes,

Pelican cases promisse to protect your precious belongings from dust, water (some are even 100% waterproof) and shocks. I bought the 1020 model to protect my Airport Express when I travel. It comes with an thick foam on the inside, I chose the see-through lid (easy to see if it’s there or not).

The Pelican cases exist in different colors with foam inside (you can customize the foam inside if needed) or not, with clear lid or not. The opening is easy with one clip.

I was happy with my Pelican case, ready to buy a new one for my 1terra hard drive when I found the Otterbox cases. The Otterbox are easier to find than the Pelican cases.

Same as for the Pelican cases, the Otterbox cases are fit for heavy fights through mud, shock, sand and humidity.
I like the Pelican because of

  • the foam on the inside
  • the easy opening clip
  • and the NiteIze carabinier that comes with it

I like the Otterbox because of

  • the 100%see-through boxes, but no foam on the inside
  • instead of the carabinier, you’ll get a rope
  • instead of a one easy-clip to open the box, you’ll get a two-hard clips to open

The prices range are similar, so no deal breaker here.

ChaseIt or Bchased ?

ChaseIt because it’s a great protector when you travel with delicate informatic hardwares like hard drive, modem … you can also store your jewels if you want or even important paper. The only downside is the weight, protection comes at a price … The weight. Both brands are doing their job, I like the clear boxes from Otterbox but I prefer the opening clips from Pelican.

More infos on

  • Otterbox website
  • Follow Otterbox on Twitter @Otterbox
  • Pelican case website
  • Follow Pelican Products on Twitter @PelicanProducts

That’s how they say Merry Xmas at Otterbox, and I like it !

12 Dec

About a week ago, I placed an order on Otterbox.com to offer my iPad2 a brand new nest: the Reflex Series for iPad2.
I went for this case because

  • it’s light
  • it offers a good protection
  • and it looks great

The Reflex Series for iPad 2 is a 2 pieces case with

  • the back protection slides appart for docking access (I use the regular Apple link so no need to split it open)
  • the back is made of polycarbonate molded with TPE rubber
  • one particularity is the opening at the bottom right of the case that redirects the sound towards me, enhancing the listening experience when I watch my TV shows or listen to radios


  • the front protection is used to protect the front of your iPad (when not in use) but also as a multiple position stand
  • If you dont want to use it as a stand, just clip it on the back of your iPad

When I ordered it, I didn’t pay attention to Otterbox’s offer and I was surprised when I unpacked to see that they sent me complimentary items like the utility latch, a protective screen and a mug. Thank you Otterbox!

ChaseIt or BChased ?
ChaseIt because

  • it’s a great protection for your iPad, that will now survive rought treatments in style
  • that king of protection should be heavier, but the Reflex Series only weights 10,3OZ or 294gr
  • the price is at the top of the range but it’s worth it, because Otterbox doesn’t compromise when it comes to protect your devices (and there’s a discount on the site right now)
  • it’s sleek and looks amazing on my iPad

BChased, if you want a colored and funny case

More infos on
Otterbox‘s official website
Follow @Otterbox on Twitter

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