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They are swimming with the Sharks!

15 Apr

Biscuit, Huntington Hop and Pescadito

Back then in 2013, the Hamborg family (Pete, Gus and cousin Donnie) faced the Sharks to ask their help to grow their little company that makes biiig boards bringing the Californian dream of landsurfing to the world!

Robert Herjavec jumped on the board and is now part of the story of Hamboards

Thanks to Shark Tank, I discover the landsurfing world and I’m definitively hooked. I never skateboarded before, now I own 3 Hamboards boards (the Biscuit, the Huntington Hop and  my brand new one of a kind Pescadito) and I’m landsurfing every morning before work!

Hamboards will be back on TV and will be featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show Beyond the Tank at 10/9c on April 19th, 2016. Don’t miss it, I won’t!!

Also don’t miss to read

    Land-surfing on a Biscuit ?

    14 Jul

    HamboardsI am a city girl, I only see the beach once a year at best and I’m not great with cold waters.
    I always dreamed about surfing the waves but when you live 2 hours away from the first cold and flat water … It’s not that easy.
    So let’s find another dream or … let’s surf without water?
    Let’s become a land-surfer! Yes, that’s what I want to be: a landsurfer!!!

    Now that I know my path, I need the proper board. I wanted to buy a Penny skate to cruise, but it’s only to cruise from one point to another, not much fun in it, … still looking until I found THE board!!
    It’s build by a family owned company called Hamboards, and cherry on the cake they are from Huntington Beach, California (the capital of the surf)!
    The Californian dream under your feet!!
    Pete, the father, is a firefighter, Gus is the oldest son and Don is the cousin taking care of the management and they build all together the best land-surfing boards of the market.

    The Hamboards range includes 5 products: the Classic, the Pinger, the Fish, the Pescadito and the Biscuit.
    Each, of course, have their very own specs:
    . carving,
    . cruising,
    . nose riding like on a real surf!,
    . pumping … again like on a real surf!!
    . and of course portability
    Check this Hamboards video on how to choose your board.

    My mind is set on the pumping property and portability because
    . I want to feel like surfing
    . I take the metro so it needs to fit under my arm … The Biscuit is for me!

    Next time we talk about the Hamboards, I’ll have a Biscuit to talk about and we will share the crumbs 😉

    The California dream goes downtown!

    More infos on
    . The official Hamboards website
    . The official Hamboards Europe website
    . Like Hamboards Facebook
    . Like Hamboards Europe Facebook
    . Instagram Hamboards and Hamboards_Europe
    . Follow @Hamboards and @Hamboardseurope

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