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This bracelets will save your life

7 Feb

Imagine you’re walking down the river with you best friend (aka your dog) and an alligator wants to snap your chihuahua.
Listening to your courage, you start to mud-wrestle the angry 10-feet long wild croc (for the pictures and home videos that you will post on your FaceBook profile or Twitter account), then it’s time to get serious and to unravel your survival strap and tie the beast down.
Don’t worry, it’s just a fiction story to have your attention.
The only thing worth remembering is the survival strap 😉

So let’s learn more about this bracelet that can save your life, or that is just a great help when a rope is needed.

Those bracelets exist for a long time and usually you can make them yourself, but here comes the issue of the rope (which rope to use ? and I’m not talking about the color), and the shackle, and how to tight the knots… If you are interested to make you very own and toy around, check this out website: everything is explained.

If you prefer, a ready-to-wear solution, and if you don’t have a rope-shop next to home, the guys from Survival Straps (based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida) got it all covered. They use military grade ropes called paracords, and a special hand-knitting that can be unravelled in a flash. This 60-people american company was founded in 2007 by Kurt. The bracelets are all hand-maded in USA.

How does it work ?

  • Measure your wrist, important part! So measure it right, don’t add inches to be at your ease, they will take care of that at Survival Straps.
  • Choose between the regular survival bracelet or the light duty one (lighter because it doesn’t have the inner strands).
  • Pick the colors you like (you can fully customize your strap, more than 50.000 color combinations are available)
  • Then choose your closure strap (adjustable stainless steel buckle or plastic side buckle)

I decided to go for the Regular survival bracelet – Law enforcement with the adjustable stainless steel buckle.

ChaseIt or BChased ?
ChaseIt because

  • They say that 2012 will be the end of the world, so let’s get ready to survive. You might be in need of a rope to save the day or a life.
  • Also you will help supporting the Wounded Warrior Project (Survival Straps is partnering with the association and gives back a portion of every purchase made on their website).
  • Official collegiate straps are also available.
  • If you don’t want to wear the bracelet, treat your dog with a survival collar.
  • If you use it, send your story and picts, Survival Straps will replace the one you use !!!

More infos on

  • Survival straps website
  • Follow @SurvivalStraps on Twitter
  • Wounded Warrior Project website

Special thanks to

  • my mom for the picture of the croc taken during this summer
  • Matthew from Survival Straps because he was really kind, patient and helpfull
  • A*-girl from down under for your support on this review 😉

Xmas11 ChaseItOrBChased wish list

5 Dec

Dear e-Santa,
Here’s my x-mas wish list with all the great toys that can fit in my purse. Thanks for considering 😉
And Mom, shoot me a mail if you can’t find something on the list and please don’t forget to make eggnog …
See you on the 25th!!!

1. Rockbed Orange from RockForm, $79 available at RockForm, check out  this video and you’ll be impressed how strong it is
2. Isotoner smarTouch Stretch Gloves – Fleece Lined, 42$ to protect my little hands when it’s cold out so I can keep chatting with my e-buddies on my iPhone
3. It’s true I already have an iPad, an iPhone and a Blackberry but if you could nick a tiny little AirMac, 13″ screen with 256Gb, I have a weak back so it would help a lot ($1.599)

4. Womens Maylin from Ugg Australia, to keep my feet warm when I watch the snow fall
5. To carry around all the great stuff you will bring me, I suggest you to put it all in Timbuk2 bag, check it out I customised it myself
6. I need an Ida Estelle bracelet to look shiny under the xmas tree, I would go for the Santa Fe Glamour wraps, $98 (don’t hesitate, free shipping is offered for xmas)

7. To purify the air in my cosy tiny-little cocoon, I would like the Andrea air filtration system (only $149 to have clean air filtered by a plant), my lungs will be thankfull to breath clean unpolutated air  from bad chemichals (from the paints, solvants, … used home). Need a plug to activate it during the day.
8. Fermob Bistrot 2 chairs and table in orange to put on my tiny little space outside home, so I can strech my legs when spring comes
9. Always dreamed about having a pet ? But don’t feel like cleaning his cage or walking him after dinner when Doctor House just started ? Buy an EcoSphere and watch you shrimps grow in this closed environment. You don’t have to take care about anything.

  • the algae will take care of oxygene used by the shrimps,
  • the bacteria will break down the shrimps wastes and produce nutrients used by the alguae.

Your job will be to monitor the light received by the EcoSphere. The shrimps have a life expectancy of 2-3 years. EcoSphere was created to give company to the space explorers on long term missions. (from $79 for $489).

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