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Ban-the-straws movement

14 Aug

Since last April 2012, Miami has banned the plastic straws!!
In theory, no more sipping in south Beach … in theory! I wasn’t aware of this law.
The idea is to clean the beaches and to avoid plastic straws to end up in the sand and ocean.

The straw consumption is high in the US, daily consumption of plastic straws is about 500 million a day!

Let’s check my daily consumption of plastic straws:

  • One homemade banana/chia seeds smoothie to kick the day, one straw.
  • One pineapple black tea at Starbucks in the morning, one straw.
  • One lunch at Moshi Moshi, one plastic straw for my ice green tea.
  • One charcoal sesame bubble tea at Mimi’s in the afternoon, another straw.
  • One fresh coconut water that I open myself, one more straw.

Without forcing, I used 5plastic straws a day … at least …

not cool for the environment, the turtles, the fish, the ocean …

What’s the solution?

  • Drink from the glass … why not but I like sipping …
  • Drink from my Klean Kanteen bottle, can do. Starbucks would fill it in with pleasure and it goes in the dishwasher.
  • Or drink from reusable straws (bamboo, metal or glass straws), I don’t like it because it’s very difficult to wash and keep clean. 

Or … I can try paper straws!

While in Orlando at Mickey’s house (Animal Kingdom), I discovered the paper straws from Aardvark . And I liked it.

Aardvark paper straws are FDA and EU-approved and decompose themselves in 30-60 days (depending on the model).

So here’s my shopping list now at Aardvark,

  • one Giant straw for my smooth,
  • the Jumbo for the ice tea
  • and the Colossal for the bubble tea.

Now, you know what you need to do, there’s one “clean” straw for each occasion so #stopsucking on plastic straw and go for #strawlessocean and my sushis will thank you!

Also, check out the edible cups from Loliware (as seen on Shark Tank).

PS: the paper straws are not really intended for warm beverages.

More info

Let’s play in the wood!

26 Oct

Stick-LetsRemember when you were a kid and you were dreaming of building wooden cabins in the garden? Or even in the family room?

Stick-LetsGuess what? Now you can do it thanks to the  Stick-Let’s!!!

But what is the Stick-Let’s?

It’s a modular, portable, interactive and colourful tool for kids and … also grown ups.

The Stick-Let’s are weather resistant, reusable, and safe silicone joints.

How does it work? First, go fetch some sticks in the wood.Stick-Lets

Then use the funny shaped Stick-Let’s to assemble them and … build a teepee, a castle or just play with wooden sticks.
The principle is to use its funny shapes and colors to assemble and build stuff.

What stuff ? Any stuff! Just let your imagination go!

I tried to build an iPad stand with unused chopsticks … There’s no limit.

Stick-LetsPS: Thanks to Christina for sending me the Stick-Let’s

More info about the Stick-Let’s 

The polar bear has his very own bottle, me too!

1 Apr

Photo 19-03-2014 5 24 28 pmI love bottles, I carry mine everyday from home to the office and back home.
I also love to have my bottle when I travel.
My collection includes
. 2 aluminium Kleen Kantean (one double-wall, one regular simple wall),
. one Bryta with a filter,
. one spill-free Contigo,
and since a few days, a super cool Polar Bottle!

Again, I left home without my bottle, I was desperate and needed a bottle for the next 10 days in hot and sunny Miami. I couldn’t buy just any bottle! I needed a cool bottle that I would keep using back home.
After “a little benchmark of the market”, my choice went for the Polar Bottle.
A double-wall plastic bottle with a cool design but also practical and optimized for the best usage.
The characteristics of the Polar Bottle are the following
. light because of plastics,
. safe for your health because BPA and phthalate-free,
. dishwasher-safe (put in the top rack),
. freezer-safe,
. easy to maintain thanks to a removable valve,
. spill-free, and I tested it in my backpack where it’s laying on the bottom full of liquid and not a drop!

It’s not only a cheap ($10,95 for the 20 ounces) but also a trusted and stylish bottle.

More infos
. Official PolarBottle website
. Follow @PolarBottle
. Instagram PolarBottle

Tervis Tumbler

14 Nov

Tervis Tumbler is a Detroit company founded in 1946 that invented the double walled insulated tumbler.
I discovered those glasses 2 years ago and I love them !

Why ?
First, I like the fact that you can personalize each glass you buy (it reminds me of where I was when I bought it. Check out my collection and you’ll be able to map my visits in the US 😉 )
I discovered then the specificities of the Tervis Tumbler:

  • the double-walled insulation, no more sweaty mugs when you drink your ice tea by 110F, no more “ouch …ouch … it’s too warm” when you drink hot chocolate on the way to the office
  • the insulation will keep your warm/cold beverages longer warm/cold

The Tervis tumbler exists in 5 different sizes that you can accessorize with lids (travel lids, straw lids or sipping lids for the little ones). It’s handy to keep the flies away from your beer and to reduce the spilling on your desk to a minimum 😉
The lid changed recently (before, there was just a little hole that may cause some accidents in your bag like spilling if you were shaking it …). Now the hole is better placed and it’s almost zero-spilling !
The lids come in 13 colors. No problem to find the one that will match your tumbler design.
The design is also a plus: Tervis propose to you designs from Disney , MLB, NHL, NBA, John Deere, Marvel … and if you don’t find what you want, you can always make it (personalized fonds are available)!
If you like the Tervis tumbler, you should like the ice bucket or the shaker too.
By the way, the Tervis tumbler are

    • lifetime garanteed
    • unbreakable
    • dishwasher-safe
    • microwave-safe
    • made in USA

and holliday mugs are in !!
Since the entry of the TT in my life, I threw away all my old glasses and my cupboard is full of 16oz TT.

ChaseIt or BChased?, ChaseIt because

  • the Tervis tumblers are BPA-free since January 2011
  • it’s fun and useful
  • you’ll get a free delivery for online orders above 75$
  • you’ll diminish your consumption of plastic mugs which is good for the planet

More infos on
Tervis Tumbler official website
Tervis Tumbler Facebook
Tervis Tumbler Twitter

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