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Do you Nobu in a box ?

8 Oct

imageNobu is one of my favourite restaurant.
I already experienced Nobu in Melbourne, NY (on 57th), London and Dubai.
Yes! I am into japanese food big time, I eat japanese food at least once a day, 5 days a week.
My favourite food is the original japanese food, cooked and raw, I love it.
At home, I stick to cooked food as I don’t know
. Where to find good fish
. How to chose the best fish
. And how to cut it properly
… at the end of the day a sushi master is someone who masters the art of sushi (from cooking the rice to slicing the right way the best fishes), I am not a sushi master but a sushi eater!

Thank god, Nobu saved the day and invented the “The Nobu Hand Roll Box“!
It’s like building an Ikea shelve but with fishes and rice: sushis and maki in the kit!

With the help of their best sushis masters, Nobu filled the box with
The basics for your sushis
. Sushi rice
. Nori to wrap your sushi
. Wasabi
. Ginger
. Scallion
. Sesame
. Creamy spicy sauce
. Salmon egg
. Soy sauce

And of course the best fishes nicely sliced and sorted
. Tuna
. Yellowtail
. Salmon
. Avocado
. Shrimp
. Asparagus
. King crab
. And tamago

Then, you become the sushi chef and it’s up to you to work your magic to create the rolls! Nobu gives you all the instruction (link provided) and if you need help a Nobu sushi expert will be there to guide your first steps (at an additional cost).
The box will feed up to 12 sushi-lovers.
It can’t be easier, fun and good to make sushis at home!

More information
. The box is priced 550US$ and is available at most Nobu locations in the US.
. Call Nobu restaurant New York Special Events at 212 757 3063 to order the box
. Visit Nobu restaurants official website
. And don’t forget to follow @NobuFiftySeven1 @NobuLosAngeles @NobuNewYork1

You got mail! In your #MailBox!!

8 Apr
Photo 26-03-13 9 02 08 AM Photo 7-04-13 1 31 52 PM

So I waited for many days and now I got it. Was it worthwhile to have the mailbox?
1st, you need to know that the Mailbox can only be used with gmail accounts (it take 3 minutes to create one if its not already done).
Mailbox is free to download, then you’ll have to queue to actually being “activated”.
Instead of the app you’ll have a nice countdown with the persons in front and behind you.
So after about 10 days of wait, I finally was granted the right to use it.
It’s really a cool app that totally embraces the iPhone’s gestures.

Basically if you can swipe horizontally, you can use Mailbox which is all about swipes!!
. Short right swipe, and your mail goes to the Archives
. Long right swipe, and your mail goes to the Trash

Photo 8-04-13 12 34 49 PM Photo 8-04-13 12 34 56 PM

. Short left swipe, the mail goes straight to the Snooze mode (that’s the great innovation). you’ll then be able to read them later whenever you feel like it. you’ll never forget to answer a mail!

Photo 8-04-13 12 35 03 PM Photo 8-04-13 12 35 06 PM

. Long left swipe, the mail goes to your Lists

Photo 8-04-13 12 35 12 PM Photo 8-04-13 12 35 15 PM

Let’s go back to the main screen where you’ll find 5 icons
Photo 8-04-13 9 21 34 AM
. The top left one that gives you access to a menu (mailbox, later, lists, archive, trash, sent, settings and help)
. The 3 icons on the center:
.. Later (aka the clock), regrouping all the messages you snoozed for later
.. The box, with all your messages
.. The archive section, with the mails you want to keep
The top right icon is there for you to write a new message

I like this app and it was worth the wait but something was bothering me … the badge (the little number in the red circle on top of the app) displayed an ugly 19.000 unread mails …
Mailbox thought about that and you can easily turn it off
. Tap the icon top left of your main screen
. Select “Settings”
. Go down to “App badge count”

Photo 8-04-13 9 21 46 AM Photo 8-04-13 9 21 50 AM

I chose to have only the new messages notified and numbered, so now the new messages will be numbered from 1 and not starting at 19.001 … more relaxing to my eyes 😉

Also, Mailbox gives you the possibility to archive all your mails, so you start from a clean slate. Photo 8-04-13 1 24 03 PM

Play around, mails can be  fun thanks to MailBox.

Here’s the link to download Mailbox

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