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Battle in my ears !

16 Feb

Powerbeats by DreLike you, I have 2 ears, one phone and one iPad.
I don’t like holding my iPhone to my ear … I can’t play games, take notes, … while in conversation … That’s why I always use earphones.
I have the Yurbuds ($69) when I workout at the gym. They are waterproof and won’t fall during the effort thanks to the twist and lock system. The buds in silicone are pleasant to wear, easy to wear them all day long.
BUT there’s the wire which is always tangled … not cool.

I also use the New Era by Jawbone ($99), a super light bluetooth earpiece. Great to wear all day long, listening to music and talking to my contacts. This is a great earpiece that can be connected to up to 8 devices (the New Era will switch from one phone to another to take the call, I love it!). But it’s so tiny that I have to be careful not to lose it.
The autonomy is only 4 hours … a little bit short if you are a heavy user …

I’ve been recently introduced to the Powerbeats Bluetooth headset ($199) and I must admit I LOOOVE it!

Powerbeats by Dre Powerbeats by Dre Powerbeats by Dre

The round the ear solves the issue of the popping out buds while running. Checked!

No more tangle and knots, the headset is bluetooth. Checked!

The headset comes with 3 different sizes and shapes of buds. After some tests, I found the ones fitting my inner ear. I can wear it all day long. Keep it in while talking. When I take them off, I leave it around my neck and it stays put.

The autonomy is 6 hours. Enough for a full day at work with a mix of listening to the radio whole on the way to the office and back home as well as conference calls. The Powerbeats are fully charged in about 90 minutes, 15 minutes of charging time will give an extra hour of listening to the music.

The cable linking both earpieces is made of silicon. While doing sport I wear it on the back of my neck, while talking on the phone I put in front of me to have the mic closer to my mouth.

So who wins the battle ? The Yurbuds, the New Era or the Powerbeats ? …
The Powerbeats because it replaces all my earpieces for my daily uses: talking, listennning to music, skateboarding, … I kept my Yurbuds while on the plane when watching tv shows.

PS: little downside of the Powerbeats is the fact that the headset can only be linked to one bluetooth device at a time … call me picky … still I love my Powerbeats!

Also, if you watch TV shows or movies with your wireless Beats, be aware that there will be a delay between what you watch and what you hear. I listen to music and talk on the phone with my Beats so I don’t mind.
A bit annoying though. 😦

Your ears, Yurbuds!

14 Oct

imageI use my iPhone and iPad 24/7, to listen to @WRMF, watch TV shows, watch tennis matches on TennisLive and also to FaceTime, Skype and call.

I don’t like to have the phone near my head because it’s warming up, I hate having one hand busy with the phone and not being able to take notes on my phone while talking, …

That’s why I’m always using headsets.

My preference goes to the iPhone headset I received with the phone but lately we moved to a landscape office and I needed to take the “earphones files” seriously and upgrade.
Many choices were possible: stick to the iPhone earphones, or explore what’s out there.

Let’s explore together.

There are 3 types of earphones out there: around the ears, inside the ears or the regular headsets covering the ears.

SB_10_BlkGold copy  product-template_5_66  marshall-major-headphones

The key specs for me are the following
. Comfortable to wear all day long (I need a great bud bit in my ear)
. Fit for bad weather or sports
. Great to listen to music or to talk on the phone for hours (I need a mic)
. Easy/light to carry with me all day long (so no regular headsets for me)

At the end of my benchmark, 2 headsets passed my personal cut: the Beats Tour by Dre (149,99$) and the Yurbuds Iron Man edition for woman (59,99$).

41754et2012101827_1376726658 yurbuds-ironman-inspire-pro-headphones_49440_600x450

The pros for the Beats Tour by Dre: small buds, light, flat red wire, easy to tight around your iPhone when not listening to music, sleek and stylish but …
The Beats are expensive and I don’t like inner headphones and also you don’t hear the noise around you and this can be dangerous while running or simply walking downtown as you are cut from the traffic.

Consequently, I decided to skip the Beats to turn myself to the Yurbuds which passed the final cut because
. the buds are extremely comfortable to wear all day long,
. they are light, made of silicon (don’t hurt my ears)
. and exist in 4 different colors
. the buds are sweat and water resistant
. they are ment to never fall out! Just insert them in your ear, twist and lock, they will not fall out where you are running, doing exercises …
Be aware that the buds for men and women have different shapes to respect the ear shape

image image image

The model I chose has a dry mic with controls (volume up, volume down, start/stop the music, answer/hang-up phone calls, advance to next song, go back to beginning of the song).image

The cable is a little bit longer than the standard iPhone one, the extra 3 inches are not really necessary for me)
. The jack is thin and will fit cases like Rockform ones, this is definitively a plus. The Y-shape dry mic is placed a little bit far from the mouth but this can easily be fixed with the clip for the cable provided
. Yurbuds headphones also come with an extra pair of silicon buds to perfectly for your inner ear (small and bigger size)
. In the box, I received a little read pouch, an extra pair or silicon buds (larger) and a cable clip
. The price is affordable 59,99$

The claim of Yurbuds is “Developed by athletes for athletes“, I’m an urban athlete so it will work for me!

imageBut what about the sound ? I asked to an expert MrT working in the music business for many years now and he tested the Yurbuds vs the iPhone headphones provided by Apple. For him, the Yurbuds sound quality  is very close to the Beats ones, with much presence and lots of bass. Works for me!

More info
. Visit Yurbuds official website
. Follow @yurbuds

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